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Apple Inc.

No description

jenna teeman

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Apple Inc.

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr The "Halo Effect" When consumers switch to Mac computers after owning an Ipod or an Iphone

Equity and industry influence of the Apple Brand Apple Inc. By Jenna Teeman, Holly Pulcher, Alexander Liberatore, Ella Fernandez, Briana Horn, and Dong Hong Yuan What is the strategy for individual products?

iPad Products
Expand to businesses
Hire sales force to get Businesses to switch to Macs
Increase in marketing efforts for the "professional and advanced consumer"

Hire sales force to get schools to use Macs
Have kids grow up with Apple--beat learning curve
Initial use of Mac's will create extremely high switching cost Continue to expand Halo Effect Aggressive Marketing Objective: Obtain greater Market Share

- Can't rely on returning customers
- Multiple Carriers
- Marketing Campaigns Currently only AT%T

Broad Differentiation
Working with other carriers will:
1. Assist in going global
2. Gain new customers loyal to their current carrier
Get other carrier's customers before competitors Other carriers Marketing Campaigns Invest in Marketing campaigns to show better
features of Apple vs. competitors
show differentiation to reinforce current customers and gain new customers

Aim marketing campaign at:
1. Students
2. Business People Higher investments in global affiliates
Other carriers
Aggressive Marketing
Continue to expand Halo Effect
Ipad Recommendations Recommendations Compatibility of product usage


High switching cost due to learning curve associated with new system Compatibility Broad Differentiation Innovation and Technological Advances
Develop next-generation products
iPad-first tablet released
Brand Image
Brand loyalty
Apple Logo
Sleek Design
Steve Jobs
Premium Pricing
Perceived value
Recently lowered prices Overview Apple's current strategy
Financial Health
Strength Assessment
Recommendations Most Important Product Financial Health Going Global Always first but competitors keep
matching features

• Need to protect innovations Patents Most Valuable Resources

Questions? Ipad Recommendations Take advantage of year long lead over competitors
Gain customers through unique marketing campaign
Emphasize Halo effect
Set Standard for tablet industry
set learning curve and high switching costs Going Global Going Global Invest in language compatibility

More customers, more profits

Retail distributors then Apple Stores iPhone
$5.33 billion of 3 quarter revenue in
2010 out of a $15.7 billion
Growth in demand for smartphones
Constantly upgrading
Connected with iTunes Financial: cash

Technological: trade secrets

Human: Steve Jobs

Brand/Image Profits Ability to Pay Debt Debt Financing Profits Ability to Pay Debt Ability to Sell and Collect Competitors
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