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Entrepreneurship - GEM Entrepreneurial Employee Activity

No description

Joelle Fauzi

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship - GEM Entrepreneurial Employee Activity

GEM - Entrepreneurial Employee Activity
General introduction
What is this report about?
Measure differences across the globe
Past: early-stage entrepreneurial activity
Now: new opportunity exploitation by existing organizations
Characteristics and role of entrepreneurial employees

Global report

Objectives + target group

= Total Early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity

= Entrepreneurial Employee Activity
"Employees developing new activities for their main employer, such as developing or launching new goods or services, or setting up a new business unit, a new establishment or subsidiary."

= Medium/high job expectation

= primarily driven by basic requirements
= government focus is on ensuring smooth mechanisms > proper functioning of the market
= More, creativity, continuously improving

Idea development
Preparation and implementation
Examples EEA
EEA across countries
Conditions + characteristics
1. Communication
2. Listen to ALL ideas
3. Dedicate time and give permission to fail
4. Reward risk taking
5. Collaborate and integrate (bringing together different departments)
6. Seek stimuli, inspiration (outside the office)
7. Co-create with customers

“You don’t have to set sail onto the big ocean of entrepreneurship all by yourself in a little boat. You can use your talent and realize a dream inside the safety of the company you work for.” - Steve Strauss
“Bringing entrepreneurial spirit to larger companies is the key to staying competitive. The three key characteristics of entrepreneurship are ‘creativity, focus and execution’.” – Jeremy Burton
"It is about communication, leadership, goals, a vision, support, motivation, overall team involvement and engagement. Doing things the same way generates the same result." – Scott Simmerman / square wheels
Joelle Fauzi

Intrapreneurship to Support Innovation— Steve Hasker
00:00 - 00:39
Efficiency-driven economies
Innovation-driven economies
Conditions for Entrepreneurial Employee Activity
Characteristics of Entrepreneurial employees
High employee prevalence in medium-sized and large organizations
High level of social security
High level of secular-rational values
High level of self-expression values
High degree of support
Entrepreneurs less access to social security than employees
Education system emphasizes innovative and pro-active behavior
Employers stimulate proactive behavior by employees
Level of employment protection discourages employees to start own business

Between 25 - 54 years old
Twice as many male employees involved
Higher educated employees
Employees with high levels of income
Employees enrolled in managerial activities
EEA is the future
Can be found in any country and in any sector
Creates job opportunities + economic development
EE are less exposed to personal financial risk
Benefits: support, encouragement + resources
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