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Unit 2 Week 3

No description

Alexa Wright

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Unit 2 Week 3

Unit 2 Week 3
Do Now
1. Sub/dependent
2. Sub/dependent
3. Sub/dependent
4. Independent/Main
Do Now Review
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Journal
4. Notes on Drama
4. Stations
5. Bye-Bye-Blurb
6. Prefix-Suffix Worksheets
Learning Target
I can identify background information for Antigone.
Journal # 4
Identify a movie series (sequel, prequel, original etc). What's the movie series? What type of genre does the film follow? Why do you like the series?
3-4 sentences
Antigone Background Stations
1. Do not write on papers except for guided notes
2. Answer each station in complete sentences.
3-Things you learned today about Sophocles
2-Things you learned about Greek Tragedy
1 - Thing you are excited to read about Antigone
1. Work on a separate sheet of paper.
2. Part 1 only write the underined clause
Indepdent and Subordinate Clauses
Do Now Review
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Socaratic Semniar Questions
4. Journal
5. Antigone Reading
6. Bye-Bye-Blurb
7. Subdoraniate/indepdent Clause (if not already completed)
Learning Target
I can evaluate a central character.
Socroatic Semniar Questions
2nd and 3rd - Answer all of the questions silently and indepdently. Select one respose to answer in 6-8 sentences.
4th - Write down your response on a sticky note for 3 questions.
A Tragic Family
1. Draw the chart
2. Read character motivation
3. Complete
just = right or correct
decree - to make a law or rule
defie - to not follow
Character Flip Book
1. Write the term on the outside flap
2. Write the definition on the inside flap
3. Write the 9th defintion on a paper you will glue the flip book to
Loyaty means to be true to something. You can prove loatyaty by telling someone the truth.
People betray someone for money. Money is the only reason why people betray someone.
Antigone Socratic Seminar
I agree because you should be honest when you are loyal.
I disagree because people can betray someone for other things like power
Do Now
Antigone: Soul Sisters
1. Read Soul Sister and complete the following
a. Page 255 answer the key detail question
b. Page 256 answer both key detail questions
c. Page 257 Complete the 3 Check for Understanding Questions
Thus far, Ismene is an example of a static or dynamic character? Why?
Bye-Bye-Blurb #6
2-4 Sentences
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Check Handouts for Antigone
4. Oedipus The King
5. Oedipus at Colonus
6. Antigone: Soul Sisters
7. Bye-Bye-Blurb
Learning Target
I can evaulate a central character.
Antigone Handouts
1. Family Tree
2. Types of Character Notes
3. Guided Notes on Background
4. Subordínate Conjuctions Handout
Missing something? - Check Blog Please
Oedipus The King and Oedipus at Colonus
1. Do not read Antigone summary
2. Read Oedipus the King and ansnwer #s 1-8
3. Read Oedipus at Colonus and answer #s 9-13
# 14 and 15 - Oedipus is an example of an static or dynamic character why?
Subdorinate Clauses Practice
Directions: Underline each of the main clauses once and each of the subordinate clauses twice.

1. If you have solved that puzzle, I’ll give you a more difficult one.
2. Found only in the teeth, enamel is the hardest substance in the body.
3. Please tell me what is in the box.
4. We saw the superintendent climbing the stairs.
5. The person who is climbing the hill is my mother.
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