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Great Northern Transmission Line

Great Northern Transmission Line

Paul Turner

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Great Northern Transmission Line

500 kV Transmission Interconnection
Existing Transmission to US
Three 230 kV Lines
G82R - Glenboro, MB to Rugby, ND
L20D - Lettelier, MB to Drayton, ND
R50M - Richer, MB to Moranville, MN
One 500 kV Line
D602F - Dorsey to Forbes Substation
Current US Export Capacity: 1950 MW
New US 500 kV Interconnection will be 5th tie-line to the US - 2 Project Components
MMTP - Manitoba Minnesota Transmission Project
GNTL - Great Northern Transmission Line
Additional 30% US Export Capacity
Manitoba Portion
Station Upgrades
New Transmission
Dorsey to US Border
Who is Involved?
Station Upgrades
Dorsey 500 kV
Riel 500 kV
Glenboro 230 kV
New Transmission
500 kV T/L to US border
200 km long
500 kV Winnipeg Ring
MMTP Route Options
US Portion
New Station
Cap Bank
New Transmission
US Border to Duluth area
New Station
New 500 kV station
Blackberry Station
East of Grand Rapids, MN
New capacitor bank
Location TBD
New Transmission
500 kV T/L from US Border to Blackberry Station
220 miles (350 km) long
Rated for 883 MW
GNTL Route Options
MH Transmission
Business Unit
MH Power Sales
and Ops
MH Major
Capital Projects
Minnesota Power
Currently managing all licensing and permitting for MMTP
MMTP design, procurement, and construction roles are being evaluated
Negotiated the power sales agreements to support the project
Will negotiate remaining construction agreements
Assist MP with MCP's project expertise
Ensure project controls are in place so MCP can control costs
PDA will define level of involvement and how costs are managed
Who is MP?
Power utility in NE Minnesota
Owned by ALLETE (owns several utilities in upper midwest US)
Who is MISO?
Midcontinent Independent System Operator
Coordinate regional energy market reliability for 15 states and one province, about 150 regional companies
Minnesota Power
Responsible for reliability coordination of the MMTP and GNTL lines once in service.
1,200 employees, 143,000 residential customers (MH has 6,300 employees, 548,700 customers)
Own transmission and generation facilities (coal, hydro, biomass, wind)
Manage all licensing, design, procurement, and construction of US portion (GNTL)
200 GW generation, over 65,000 miles transmission
Contracts - MP 250 MW
250 MW System Power Sales Agreement
Firm power from Keeyask - 7x16
Start June 1, 2020, end May 31, 2035
MP Energy Exchange Agreement
June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2035
MH can import up to 250 MW in any given hour during drought or extreme supply loss
Total project budget: >$1 Billion
MMTP entirely funded by MH
GNTL cost shared between MH and MP
Based on TSRs
Transmission Service Requests
Of Total 883 MW Capacity
MP will access 383 MW (46%) of GNTL
MH/WPS will access 500 MW (54%) of GNTL
MP - 250 MW (28%)
MP - 133 MW (18%)
WPS - 200 MW (22%)
MH - 300 MW (32%)
Facility Construction Agreement
MP, 6690271 MB Ltd, MISO
Sharing of capital costs for GNTL
Contracts - MP 133 MW
133 MW Energy Sale Agreement
Surplus system power sale to MP
Start 2020, 20 year term
133 MW Energy Exchange Agreement
Import MP excess wind capacity during off-peak hours
Start 2020, 20 year term
Contracts - Construction
Project Development Agreement
MP, 6690271 MB Ltd.
MMTP and GNTL following similar timelines
Preferred Route Selection - Ongoing
Regulatory Review - 2015/2016
License Decision - 2016
Construction Start - 2016
ISD - 2020
Contracts approved in 2011
Contracts approved Aug 2014
Negotiations for PDA are commencing
1) Project Components
2) Who is Involved
3) Contracts/Funding
4) Timeline

6690271 Manitoba Ltd.
Subsidiary of MH
Separate entity set up for construction of the line
Tax purposes
President - Lorne Midford
General Manager - Daryl Maxwell
MH has a 38 year history with MP
433 MW of sales agreements over the next 15-20 years
Contracts - WPS 308 MW
108 MW Energy Sale Agreement
Existing transmission
Start 2020, 20 year term
200 MW Energy Sale Agreement
Requires new 500 kV T/L
Firm power from Conawapa
Start 2020, 16 year term
Wisconsin Public Service
Who is WPS?
Power utility in NE, Central Wisconsin
Serve 445,000 customers
Similar in size to MH
200 MW TSR
Not contributing to initial capital costs
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