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Thinking of others feelings first.

I am working on this presentation because I need to improve my disadvantages...

Seohyun Lee

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Thinking of others feelings first.

Thinking of others feelings first. By....Christine Some funny information. Last Decision Results... Conclusion Realistic examples... , News What is the disadvantage if you don't? what's my problem? What is the advantage of this? About this effort! 1. I don't listen to others and only think of myself.
2. I can not be sociable person.
3. It is hard for me to talk with others very comfortably.
4. No considerate sense or other way, have non-sense. From stupeflix..... 1) My friends say the idea which is different as mine, and she likes that..... I thought that I should listen to other feeling first before me because it can help me be sociable people. You can't get respect from other people.
You will find hardships developing friendships and relationships.
When you have a job older, you can have no one helping that people.
If you are a student you can get bullied by several people.
You can only think about yourself and will be unable to be sociable people. BAD You are almost completely immune to people taking advantage from you.
Spend more time doing the things you want to do.
You can get things what you really like.
It will make you have more advantage in the job you are working. Some Key terms about my parts! 1) Non sense: Something that does not make sense.
ex)That is definitely non sense.

2) Congenial: Someone who is considerate or sociable.
ex) I want to be a congenial people.

3) challenge: Something we try to solve it and as well as its a goal.
ex) My recent challenge is that I win this presentation.

4) immune: The body system that keeps people healthy.
ex) Some people's immune system is really weak. Christine, succeed in the challenge! video What is it representing? "If you really want to think of others feelings first, you should considerate everyone.."
Because, it definitely will help you with this! My own video http://studio.stupeflix.com/v/RKRSCpXPnZ/ This is a short video about the story that I get a change and start to be congenial! Solution: Listen to the opinion and decide the better one! 2) Someone who works at different company tries to use the same idea with me..... Solution: If they will use in a good way, let them use the idea or else not! How to change? I start thinking that I should control myself to be positive... I thought I should think of others feeling first. I thought doing this will help me in several ways and give me benefits. THANK YOU If I think of others feeling first than I would have many friends... like this!!! If I don't think of others feeling first than I would be lonely and maybe will be bullied from several people.... like this!!! Someone's idea was completely crashing with me when I was studying... I listened to their opinion first and decided
what's much more better... Finally, we both get really happy of the final ending..
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