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Our preschoolers have had an incredible first two weeks for

No description

Jena Paulo

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Our preschoolers have had an incredible first two weeks for

Bi-Weekly Update!
Our preschoolers have had an incredible first two weeks for school! Throughout the weeks, our children have participated in a plethora of interactive games, projects, and more!

The Blue Room and Green Room have been learning all about themselves, their classmates, and sharing about their families!

The next two weeks we will focus on our friends and community!
Blue Room Exploration
Green Room Friends
Check Out Green Room's Boards!
We love preschool!
Blue Room Friends
Outdoor Play
Art Time
Circle Time
Dramatic Play
Please enjoy the photos!
Reading Buddies
Science Center
Construnction Play
We have had a great time exploring the many different centers in the classroom and coming together as a group at circle time. The time spent with our reading buddies was so fun!
Have you seen our art?
Be sure to check bulletin boards daily!
Please read the daily white board to learn what your child did that day!
Free Art
Writing Practice
Self Portraits
Thank you for always signing your child in and out each day!
Circle Time
Playing with Blue Room friends
Circle Time is one of the most important parts of the day! Please be sure your child is here by 9:30 to participate!
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