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Wakamaru by Jayleen & Quynh(":

No description

Quynhgiao Nguyen

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Wakamaru by Jayleen & Quynh(":

The Wakamaru helps around the house. It also can tell you the weather, wake you up in the morning and even have a conversation with you. The Wakamaru is usually used to assist the elderly and the disabled.
Where is the robot used?
The Wakamaru is used at home.
It can work usually anywhere.
It has an infinite work envelope/.
How is the robot taught to preform its task?
The Wakamaru is already programmed. It knows over 10,000 words.
The robot recognizes faces and has sensors all over the body.
It has:
piezoresistive sensor
shoulder/hand sensors
front camera
omni-direction camera
directional microphone
non-direction microphone
Household Robot- Wakamaru by Jayleen & Quynh(":
The Wakamaru can't reach high up.
It can't grab specific objects.
can not throw
Left alone it'll find a room to recharge its self.
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