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Vanessa D

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of 06.04

Data - Trial 1
Data - Trial 2
Reaction Rates and Temperature Laboratory
4 antacid tablets
2 clear cups labeled Hot and Cold
Timing Device
The cold water fizzed for 1 minute and 2 seconds. On the other hand, the hot water fizzed for 55 seconds.
In trial 2, the cold water fizzed for 32 seconds and the hot water fizzed for 27 seconds.
Why did I even bother making a graph with this sharpie, when it just went into the....
Trash Bin
"Make a graph? With my ink you say? HECK NOOOO! THERE IS NO WAY THAT YOU CAN MAKE US CHANGE OUR MIND ABOUT WASTING OUR PRECIOUS INK TO MAKE YOU A GRAPH, IN OUR CONDITION?!?! NO THANKS! I rather die from a heat stroak." Says the Sharpies.
What is this Prezi I'm making about?
Well.... I'm glad you asked that question. The actual reason why I am making this prezi is because it takes time away from my stress levels and also because I love science. It is my favorite subject, if you may know. If you really think that i am going to write you all a five paragraph essay on this, then you may have your foot up your butt. I insist you take it out of your butt. Thank you and have a terrific time trying to understand this prezi I made for you all to read.
But.... I made the graph with another group of sharpies that were willing to make a graph without wasting their ink and the graph is shown below. Please go on to the next slide. And the sharpie went into the casket in the trash can.
If the temperature of the increases, then the length of time it takes for the antacid tablets decreases.
Observe the experiment in the lab window.
Record the time for each experimental setup, for both trials.
What did you benefit from this? Think to yourself about why you are trying to copy this assignment from me? Or even better, why didn't you do this assignment all by yourself like I did? You cannot copy this assignment from me by the way even if you try I will know. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
I don't care
I don't care either.
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