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Don't be nervous

No description

yoosuk jang

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Don't be nervous

Don't be nervous
07130543 YS Ian Jang
2. Ice Breaking
Thank you!
What is a 'Presentation'
: an activity in which someone shows, describes, or explains something to a group of people
Extreme Tension
What you are doing...

∂Hand Behavior
how to be an Ice-breaker
what is the Ice-break
Way to make mood
without awkwardness
to have a conversation.
10106961 MS Daniel Park
14106958 JH Zizou Lee
3. Have Confidence
4. Extreme Tension & Overcome
1. Introduction
☞Meet people a lot
☞Listen to your audience
☞Enjoy your-self with humor

☞Use humors that
you have heard and learned from
source : Merriam Webster
<For good Presentation>
1. Make your story
☞Enjoy the awkward situation
☞You are not perfect
☞Positive thinking is also
an important thing
2. Create insanely your story
How to get self-confident
3. Repetitious Practice
∂Take a deep breath
Thank you, you are going to be awesome.
∂Maintain Lifestyle
As a result...
Ice-breaking is good to know to change moods in conversation-
start ice-breaking needs self confidence that is made from overcoming fear and positive mind
Be Confident!
Find out what was wrong!!
Written by Carmine Gallo
Do not think that..
it is hard to stand in front of people
It is easy to..
get close to the audience with greeting
and short story about you
It will be also helpful that you share common points with other
You will feel closer to them from conversation
☞ Speak words too fast or murmur
☞ Not even a stare
Self confidence that..
Most important part of presentation
can persuade the people to understand
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