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"Your story..our life..Ad & PR Graduates"

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Maria Avagianou

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of "Your story..our life..Ad & PR Graduates"

"Your story..our life..Ad & PR Graduates"
We are "The ARK team" and this is our 1st assignment.
Maria Tsirimokou
"Intense, nostalgic moments from Hill Street. Happy faces, intent looks and impressive moments. A new rapporteur, new images. Images that turned into reality for one of the biggest PR companies. Betty’s laboratory is being dominated from the definition of “ from theory to action ”. These people filled me with the proper, solid fundamentals. A big, great thank you to all of you."
Panagiwtis Klappas
"Ad & PR Laboratory through its practical courses and workshops, from specialists of the marketing field, crisis management, media, public relations and advertisement, have created to all of us a very significant background for our entrance to the communication field. Through the teamwork on different projects, we’ve learned the true meaning of solving problems and we were prepared to confront them in real life.
My choice for the specific laboratory of Panteion University is being confirmed from the quality of my studies and the dynamic of innovative courses, which are being updated all the time in order to confront modern trends of our daily life."
Thank you!.
Find 2 CMC graduates and let them talk to you about

the meaning of the Ad&PR Lab.
Avagianou Maria
Geormas George

Roussou Elena
Tsimourtou Pinelopi
The ARK team
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