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Capstone Course FAQ

No description

UK Arts Administration

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Capstone Course FAQ

How do I find a good project for me?
What does the Capstone Course entail?
What is a literature review?
How do you write good research questions?
What is research methodology?
What are research ethics guidelines?
How do you analyze data and draw conclusions?
How do you create a good video presentation?
Do I need to complete a Capstone Partnership Form?
Capstone Course FAQ
What types of projects are appropriate for a Capstone Project
Case Study
How long does the Capstone paper need to be?
4,200-7,000 words
What support does the local musician’s union provide its players and to what degree do the musicians support the union?
Demographic Study
Who are our current visitors and why do they keep coming back? Who is not coming to our organization and why don’t they visit?
Social Media and Web-Based Practices
What are some of the effective ways to incorporate social media into the marketing and fundraising efforts at an arts organization? Why is social media effective for arts organizations’ fundraising and marketing functions? What are some of the underlying theories for effective or ineffective social media marketing and fundraising strategies?
Conceptual Paper
“Why do people give to nonprofit organizations, and how can arts organizations take advantage of existing philanthropic motivations and theories?”
Historical Paper
“What were the reasons for the founding of AFM, BMI and ASCAP? What are the differences among these organizations? How do these organizations continue to serve their members?”
How many references are required in my paper?

Minimum of 15 different sources
What is the oral presentation and defense?
How does the graduate committee work?
What happens if I don’t finish the project, paper or presentation by the due date?
What happens if I fail the Capstone Project/MA Examination?
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