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Product Sales and Marketing

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Insurance

Gold Key
Director Meeting

VP Insurance Sales
Mark Foris
September 16, 2014
What are our
2014 Priorities?
sales development
Fully utilize
to manage
and drive activity towards meeting or
exceeding sales objectives with focus on:

High potential advisors for life and/or living benefits with particular focus on mid-market opportunities.

Significant producing advisors of large case life in affluent and high net worth markets.
Significant producing advisors of living benefits.
Sales Development
By creating value in the delivery of innovative solutions for our teams, advisors and clients.
Talent Development
By investing in the best talent and creating a winning culture that energizes our people to deliver great things.
By effectively collaborating and influencing others through building trusted relationships.

Since May, Chatter has generated 624 posts/comments/likes from Insurance Sales and Marketing team members!
Q2 Mid-market
Campaign Success
Winning in
2013 vs. 2014
Value of
Insurance Tool
Benefit Multiplier
Q2 Mid-market
campaign success
Opportunities = 162

2.2 Million for
Value of Opportunities
Talent Development
Develop strategies that improve the competencies of our people.  Implement quarterly campaigns that focus on
proactive wholesaling strategies
to expand advisor relationships and increase breadth of insurance business.
Q2 Mid-market
Q3 Affluent & Business Owners
Q4 Asset and Income Protection
Execute and align Customer Focused Selling techniques to ensure a consistent and reliable advisor experience every time.
CFS Regional Sessions
Sales Super bowl
Team Collaboration
We've come so far...
Q2 Mid-market
Q3 Affluent & Business Owners
122 opportunities
have been
logged with an overall
value of
$5.1 million
At the half way point for the Q3 campaign, ....
AVE/Month 2013
AVE/Month 2014
NBN Challenges
NBN transition team fully engaged

Weekly conference sales with insurance sales and operations

Escalating critical cases to David Greenwood

Wholesalers working with Gold Key Advisors at a local level to resolve issues
Excellence is one-to-one relationship selling. A collaborative team with a passion for building trusted relationships to help advisors turn insurance opportunities into results. We are engaged in a winning culture of exceptional sales performance.

Insured Asset Transfer
Insurance Sales
Vision with Gold Key
Advisor Practices
Q3 Success
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