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English Poetry

By: Lauren Likes HR: Heins

Lauren Likes

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of English Poetry

Poetry By: Lauren Likes
HR: Heins Lauren Likes
Poetry Table of Contents
1. Acrostic
2. Ballad
3. Biographical
4. Cinquain
5. Diamond/Diamante
6. Haiku
7. Inside/outside
8. Limerick
9. Metaphor
10. name
11. Onomatopoeia
12. Question
13. Recipe
14. This is mine Onomatopoeia Swiming in the Pool
Swimming in the pool
It, was really cool
A pool full drool
It sounded like
Can you hear
drool falling into the pool?
Bright blue
and I heard it
drip drop
that's the drool pool! Question Does food get scared
of being eaten?

Does wish that it
could be free?

Does it get tired of being
chomped on?

Does it wish it could get
out of your stomach and
roar free This is Mine This is my chicken
soft and gold
her name is Summmer
and yellow is she.
I have a chicken,
not you! Recipe The Recipe for Freindship Funny and Sweet

Cute clothes and giggles.

Can trust me.

SHe just wants
to let out her

Danding, Acting

American Girl dolls

Sleepovers every night
Friends forever Metaphor Homework is a dump
truck at the dump, piling
higher and higher
Haiku Stary Night Exploding bright stars.
Sparkling scraps fill the sky.
Glowing little specks. Diamond Mom
Weird, Busy
Shoping, teaching, delivering
kids, dancer, floods, bills
working, wrestling, traveling
funy, cool
Cinquain New York
Awesome Shoping
Statue of Liberty
Beautiful walk in Central Park
Acrostic B-Bugs me all the time
R- Really annoying
O- Odd
T- Too many
H- Hard to listen to
E- Enough of the fighting
R- Rowan's cute though
S- Stops talking...NEVER!!! Ballad Macy's Gone
On the day of my birthday
it turned out to be the worst
At night I went to see her
then I burst

Macy was gone
She left without me
She left without a hug
And moved away for what may be eternity Bio
Lauren Funny,

Wishes to be a professional dancer,

Dreams of having all sisters,

Wants to always ave fun.

Who wonders what is in space

Who fears giant gummy bears attaking.

Who is afraid of the world coming to an end.

Who likes candy.

Who believes in

Who loves Chinese food,
Who loves to dance
Who loves her family,
Who loves pasta.

Who plans to get a good job
Who plans to be famous.
Who plans to have kids.

Whose final destination is in my mansion. Inside-Outside My inside self and my outside self
Are as difference as can be.

My outside self wears great clothes
And very tall is she.
Amazing hair everyday.
Though she is called messy,
And fairly pretty.
With some huge feet.

My inside self is different
As you can see.

A graceful dancer
A professional maybe.
Lovely brown hair,
In my beautiful tutu.
Her soft clean face.
My hair so soft
As I dance.
And I leave in my soft point shoes! Limmericks

There once was a boy named Jake
They called him Jake the snake.

He was very skinny
They called him a weenie.

So he went home to lift weights
And they called him a beef-cake. Name

Baby Gap is where it's from
Lovely flowers all over
A nice cuddley friend
Nice and soft
Kicking it does not
I love to sleep with it
Everything I need to fall asleep

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