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Copy of Things Fall Apart Family Tree

No description

Lindsey Cruz

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Things Fall Apart Family Tree

Things Fall Apart Family Tree Okonkwo Nwoye's Mother Ekwefi Ojiugo Nwoye Ezinma Obiageli Ikemefuna (adopted son)
Lives with Nwoye's mother
Okonkwo secretly likes him
beat during peace week Wife who Okonwo actually loves
Had 19 miscarriages Okownko's favorite child
Okonkwo wishes she was a boy Okonkwo thinks he is lazy and weak like his father
Nkechi Unoka Lazy and weak
Has no titles
Owes a lot of cowries Okonkwo's first wife Strict and harsh
Hard worker
Hates his father and anything that reminds him of his father
Ms. Cruz The End
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