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Interactive Science Notebook

No description

Mrs. Newman

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Interactive Science Notebook

Interactive Science Notebook
A Solution to Your Problem(s) is Here!
Your ISN works as many things!

It is used as a...
Real Scientists Use Notebooks!
Have you ever heard yourself say...
"I can't find my notes.. or homework... oh, no!!!!!"

"Did I miss anything while I was absent?!"

"I was so sure I left that here... hmm"

Interactive Science
a DIARY of your learning

a portfolio of your work in ONE spot (for studying for quizzes/tests)


a way to be CREATIVE with your thinking and learning

and a way to be like a REAL SCIENTIST!
Leonardo da Vinci's notebook
Diane Fossey's notebook
Thomas Edison's notebook
The notebook is divided into TWO sections
Left side-Right side: Which side?
Left Side
For student work that shows me how well you understand the lesson.
This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity.
This is the “output” or product side.
Right Side
“RESTRICTED” and contains only information given by Mrs. Newman
Nothing else should be placed on the right side!
ESSENTIAL information that will DEFINITELY be on a quiz or test
Examples of RIGHT SIDE Assignments
Essential Question
Graphic Organizers
Poems, Rap Songs
Lab Analysis
Examples of LEFT SIDE Assignments
Notes from:
- Teacher guided PowerPoint notes
- Movie/Video
Article Readings
Vocabulary words
Study Guides
Time To Set Up Our ISNs!
Take out...

70 page spiral notebook
Step 1
Glue the grade sheet on the inside front cover.

Inside front cover
Grading sheet
Step 2
On the first page, glue the
ISN Check Homework Rubric
Step 5
Turn the page and label the next 6 pages with the title: Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Last Page of ISN
Step 6
Page numbers...
Turn the page: on the left hand corner and then continuing to the right hand corner, start numbering each page: #1 on the left, #2 on the right and so on..
All LEFT side pages will be ODD numbered. All RIGHT side pages will be EVEN numbered.
Later we will...
Label on upper right hand corner:
Your name
The class period that you have science
Label on center front:
Mrs. Newman
You can draw, get from magazine or internet.

ISN Rules
No RIPPED OUT pages or torn corners
No papers sticking out the sides
No DOODLING that doesn’t relate to science
Notebooks used only for SCIENCE CLASS
ALL handouts must be glued or taped in. If there are loose papers, they will not be graded.
All entries must go into the Table of Contents

Missed Assignments
ISN Check Homework Rubric
Step 3
On the next page, glue the
Day schedule towards the top
Write class info on the bottom
Day Schedule
Step 4
Day Schedule
Skip the next page for now.
We will put the syllabus here later.
Class info
(on the board)
Date Assignment Page
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