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How have online media developed? Media in the Online Age

A prezi for the first prompt question for Media in the Online Age.

Bradley Stearn

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of How have online media developed? Media in the Online Age

How have online media developed? Online media is becoming content by 'Prosumers' Prosumers are consumers that produce their own media content for other consumers. Film Industry Videogames Industry Jonason Movies: Live Action Toy Story One of my film case studies is about the Toy Story Live Action film that went viral on YouTube in January 2013. Jonason Movies are two young filmmakers from America, who both had an obsession with the Toy Story triology of films. After Toy Story 3 was released, they both decided they wanted to produce their own version of the original Toy Story using real toys and actors. This turned the two filmmakers from consumers of the films into film producers, which makes them prosumers within the film industry. The fact that it is so easy to get an independent film noticed on the internet shows how online made have developed. The Live Action Toy Story film was produced on a micro budget, and uploaded to YouTube for free, for spectators to view for free. EA Skate 2 is one of my case studies within the videogames industry for this topic. It is a perfect of example of a console videogame that makes use of the internet to make the game better and more interactive for it's consumers. One of the big features of Skate 2 is that the consumers can produce their own video edits using the filming tools within the game. These edits can then be uploaded and shared to the internet, on the official EA Skate Create website or on YouTube. This makes the consumers producers, making them prosumers within the videogames industry. The benefit of having the consumers produce all of these skate edits using the in game features, they all act as free promotion for EA to sell the game to more people. The full length feature film was then uploaded and shared using YouTube. Thousands of people viewed the film initially, and made use of YouTubes features which made the film go viral. Consumers commented, and shared to social networking websites and this is what made the film go viral in such a short space of time. The consumers made use of the interactivitiy of Web 2.0 to help make the film go viral on YouTube. Consumers also became critics by interacting with the video and commenting on it with their thoughts and opinions on the film. A variety of comments can be read, from good to comments with hate. Skate 2 also has a lot of downloadable content that is only available to consumers who are connected to the internet on their games consoles. Consumers who are using Xbox Live on Xbox 360 or online on Playstation 3, extra skateparks (maps) and skateboarders can be downloaded. Some DLCs are free, however others cost. For example to download Rob Dydreks Fantasy Factory (A well known warehouse made popular by television), a small payment of around £3 is needed before you can play at his skatepark. Prosumers can also make their own skateparks using Skate Create. Consumers can then download the consumer made skateparks (maps) for free http://skate.ea.com/gallery#itemId=2515253 I feel that the film industry is struggling due to the amount of films available for free or at low prices on the internet. Recently large entertainment shops in the UK such as Blockbuster and HMV have gone into administration with threats of being shut down, this is due to not making enough profits because not as many people buy or rent physical DVDs anymore. Online organisations such as Love Film allows consumers to rent DVDs from their computers, and Netflix which allows consumers to stream films and television series from their computers for only £5.99 per month. One of the independent films that Indie Rights has distributed is DELIVERED. For only £1.99, you can rent the film on YouTube, and own it for 72 hours. The trail has received just under 19,000 views, however that is not the total number of people who have purchased the full rental. The fact that this indie film has reached such a large audience shows how the online age is developing, as in the past it wa smuch harder to get a low budget film recognised by thousands of people. There are also a lot of free films to watch on the internet, and this is what is affecting the film industry because less people are actually paying to watch films. On the Indie Rights YouTube channel the majority of feature and short films are free to watch. An example is the fly fishing documentary film which is free to watch, which uses Google Adsense adverts to generate revenue from the spectators that view the film Videogames have become very cheap with the online age. An example is the game Angry Birds which is free for the consumers to download. However there are added features to the game which cost the consumers a small amount of money, and this is how the game developer Rovio generates money from the consumers. This film went viral because of -
Change Acceleration - 'A media landscaped defined by horizontal connection rather than vertical delivery'

This basically means that the media is not being forced to the consumers by the producers, but that the media is being pushed by consumers to other consumers, in other words through recommendation. Thousands of people recommended the Real Life Toy Story film to their friends through word of mouth and social networking. Myself I recommended the film to my friends on Facebook - Angry Birds did not rely on advertisements on the internet or television to sell the game, they relied on word of mouth by the consumers to sell the game. This is also known as 'change acceleration' as the consumers are what made the game so popular. The game is so popular because it is available on so many different gaming platforms, online and offline. This large choice of platforms was a choice gamers did not have in the past, and shows how online media has developed. One free platform to play Angry Birds on is the Google Chrome application.
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