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New UMBC Career Services Center - Employer Prezi

No description

Caroline Baker

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of New UMBC Career Services Center - Employer Prezi

Build your brand on campus
Want to make a big impact? Consider:
Organizing a Corporate Visibility Day
Sponsoring campus events or programs
Becoming a UMBC Employer Partner
UMBC Career Services Center
Host a visit
Participate in career fairs
Join us for one of our three major job fairs:
Fall Career Fair (UMBC's largest)
Summer Job and Internship Fair
Spring Career Fair
Create a UMBC strategy
Meet with a member of the Career Services Center (CSC) to discuss a customized recruitment plan to best meet your organization's needs.
Tapping into Talent
Start a conversation
Schedule an information session to speak with students and make yourself visible to the UMBC student community.
Promote your jobs & internships
Engage alumni
Interview students on campus
We can arrange interview times and spaces for you to meet with and screen candidates for full-time positions and internships.
Share your expertise
Students look to employers and recruiters for valuable career advice. There are opportunities throughout the year for you to coach and advise students while increasing your connections on campus.

Help us connect the UMBC alumni in your organization to students on campus through a variety of alumni-student programs.
UMBC's fairs are well attended and very popular with students.
1. Create a UMBC strategy
2. Promote your jobs & internships
3. Start a conversation
4. Participate in career fairs
5. Interview students on campus
6. Host a visit
7. Engage alumni
8. Build your brand on campus
9. Share your expertise
Work with our team to arrange a special tour of your business or organization by interested and qualified students.
Through UMBCworks, you can post jobs & internships for undergraduates, grad students and alumni in one place, at no charge. You can also search the resume database to find qualified applicants from the UMBC community.
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