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Word Masters

No description

Ethan hughes

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Word Masters

(adj.) - dejected; dispirited; discouraged
Synonyms: blue, chapfallen, depressed
Antonyms: cheerful, encouraged, happy
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ly, -ness
I was
when I didn't make the baskeball team.
Analogy: Crestfallen: Depressed:: Cheerful: Happy
(v.) - to strive in competition or rivalry with another; compete for superiority
Synonyms: contend, strive, buck
Antonyms: agree, aid, assist
Prefixes: out-
Suffixes: -er
wanted to show his enemy that he was better than him.
Analogy: Vie: Contend:: Ship: Boat
(adj.) - impudent; tactless; hasty
Synonyms: Bold, Cheeky, Cocky
Antonyms: Cautious, Shy, Timid
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ly, -ness
boy wanted to jump off of his house's roof into the pool.
Analogy: Brash: Bold:: Shy: Timid
(v.) - to infuse slowly or gradually into the mind or feelings
Synonyms: Inculcate, Inject, Imbue
Antonyms: Take out, Leave alone, neglect
Prefixes: pre-
Suffixes: -er, -ment
I had to
the vocab words into my memory so i could remember them.
Analogy: Instill: Inculcate:: Forget: Draw a blank
(v.) - to engage in a petty quarrel
Synonyms: altercation, bickering, controversy
Antonyms: accord, agreement, harmony
Prefixes: un-
Suffixes: -er, -ly, -ing
The man got into a
because he disagreed with another person.
Analogy: Squabble: Fight:: Help: Aid
By Ethan Hughes
All 25 words with their definitions, part of speech, synonyms/ antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, a sentence with the word in it, an analogy, and a picture.
Word Masters
(n.) - a tough lawless person; roughneck thoroughly
Synonyms: delinquent, goon, brute, bully
Antonyms: gentleman, goodboy
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ly -ism
broke all of the rules and was a criminal and delinquent.
Analogy: Ruffian: Sidekick:: Flower: Petal

(n.) - a broad elevation or mound of earth raised as a fortification around a place
Synonyms: barricade, barrier, bastion
Antonyms: depression, ditch, hole
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -s
helped hold up the wall of the tower.
Analogy: Rampart: Barricade:: Ditch: Hole

(v.) - to grow or produce by multiplication of parts; to increase in number
Synonyms: breed, burgeon, escalate
Antonyms: decrease, destroy, kill
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -tive, -ed
because they keep popping up all over the place.
Analogy: Proliferate: Breed:: Destroy: Kill

(adj.) - bending readily without breaking; flexible
Synonyms: agile, elastic, graceful
Antonyms: awkward, brittle, rigid
Prefixes: un-
Suffixes: -ness
The gymnast was very
because she could do the splits.
Analogy: Supple: Agile:: Rigid: Brittle
(n.) - a opening made by splitting; a difference in opinion
Synonyms: fissure, flaw, gap
Antonyms: closure, solid, concordance
Prefixes: un-
Suffixes: -ed, -ness
The kingdom made a
to stop intruders from climbing over the wall.
Analogy: Rift: Fissure:: Solid: Whole
v.) - to reject with disdain; despise
Synonyms: dismiss, refuse, reject
Antonyms: accept, admire, allow
Prefixes: out-, un-
Suffixes: -er, -ed
Some people
the ideas of others if they think theirs is better.
Analogy: Spurn: Reject:: Allow: Accept
(adj.) - of, pertaining to, or characterized by impertinence, shameless
Synonyms: cheeky, brazen, arrant
Antonyms: humble, modest, polite
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ly, -ness
person didn't feel bad when he hurt another person.
Analogy: Impudent: Cheeky:: Humble: Modest
(n.) - to act or a result of breaking; a violation
Synonyms: crack, rift, rupture
Antonyms: agreement, closure, closing
Prefixes: non-, un-
Suffixes: -er, -ing, -ed
into the other team's HQ to steal the flag.
Analogy: Breach: Crack:: Closure: Closing
(v.) - to seize another, or each other, in a firm grip
Synonyms: snatch, clutch, hold
Antonyms: disconnect, let go, free
Prefixes: inter-, un-
Suffixes: -er, -ing, -ed
my sister when I got scared.
Analogy: Grapple: Clutch:: Scream: Shriek
(adj.) - very happy or proud; jubilant; high in spirits
Synonyms: delighted, ecstatic, exultant
Antonyms: depressed, disappointed, miserable
Prefixes: super-, un-
Suffixes: -ed, -ness, -ly
I was
when I made

the best team of basketball.
Analogy: Elated: Ecstatic:: Depressed: Miserable
(n.) - heaviness or weight; seriousness
Synonyms: pressure, weight, force
Antonyms: frivolity, inconsequentiality, levity
Prefixes: non-
Suffixes: none
There is no
in space so you can float around.
Analogy: Gravity: Pressure:: Levity: Frivolity
(v.) - to climb, using both feet and hands
Synonyms: climb, scale, scramble
Antonyms: none
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -er, -ed
over the wall to get to my destination.
Analogy: Clamber: Scale:: Spice: Seasoning
(adj.) - violent in action or spirit; raging; furious
Synonyms: rift, aggressive, blustering
Antonyms: gentle, mild, restrained
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ly
The rampant busted out of jail and started running away.
Analogy: Rampant: Aggressive:: Gentle: Restrained
(adj./n.) - wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomad
Synonyms: itinerate, roaming, mendicant
Antonyms: fixed, permanent, settled
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ish
The vagabond wandered around and had no home to settle in.
Analogy: Vagabond: Roaming:: Fixed: Settled
(v.) - to reply to, usually in a sharp or retaliatory way
Synonyms: quip, rejoinder, repartee
Antonyms: kindness, question, request
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ed, -er
I retorted back to my friend when he was annoying me.
Analogy: Retort: Quip:: Question: Request
(adj.) - bending readily; pliant; limber; supple
Synonyms: agile, limber, nimble
Antonyms: clumsy, rigid, stiff
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -ly, -ness
These champion sprinters rely on long, muscular legs to propel their lithe bodies.
Analogy: Lithe: Agile:: Rigid: Stiff
(n.) - a payment or fee; the extent of loss, damage, suffering
Synonyms: cost, expense, levy
Antonyms: free, charity
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -s
I had to go pay a toll to get onto the freeway.
Analogy: Toll: Expense:: Free: Chargeless
(v.) - to remove or destroy utterly; erase by rubbing
Synonyms: abolish, annihilate, eliminate
Antonyms: bear, build, create
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: eradicant, -tion, -tive, -ed
I eradicated the bug problem for my family.
Analogy: Eradicate: Abolish:: Create: Build
(adj.) - incapable of producing any result; ineffective, useless
Synonyms: fruitless, hollow, impractical
Antonyms: effective, helpful, productive
Prefixes: non-
Suffixes: -ly, -ness
I was futile because I wasn't being productive enough.
Analogy: Futile: Useless:: Effective: Productive
(n.) - to take or clasp in the arms; welcome
Synonyms: grasp, clasp, clinch
Antonyms: free, give, let go
Prefixes: none
Suffixes: -able, -ment, -er, -ing, -ed
I embraced my parents when I didn't see them in a while.
Analogy: Embrace: Grasp:: Give: Sell
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