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World Series - New York Mets

No description

Harkaran Singh

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of World Series - New York Mets

Overall this player is average, with the data we collected over the past games this player made good improvements that is shown in our graphs
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Mets Left Field: AB, R, H, RBI, BB, SO
Center Field
Mets SS W.Flores Statistics
At Bats, Hits, & Runs
Over all the center field position did better in hits, runs, and at bats than RBI, BB, and SO. He had a higher average for at bats, hits, and runs. He was stronger at those three than the other three plays.
1B- Lucas Duda Statistics
Overall this player is a good contributer to the team, we have noticed that he isn't the true mvp on the team. In the end the Mets only won one game out of the five games. We personally feel that the player who played third base was average in the first, second, fourth, and fifth games. His most impressive game was the third game.
2015 World Series

Mets 2nd Base Ab-Hits-Runs
Dan Murphy played okay throughout the whole series. His stats weren't anything special since most of them were under 3. He was at bat many times but only had 3 hits but doubled the strikeouts with 7 throughout the entire series. No one was able to score off Murphy as he had 0 RBI's the whole series.
Our position in the World Series Project was Right Field. The person that shared the same position as us was Curtis Granderson. He contributed to many hits and full runs. He barely got any strike-outs at all (less than 10) and he did an amazing job as right field. He can hit very well. He rarely ever got any strikeouts in any of the games but Game 4. Any other games you will most likely find him having 1 hit and 1 run (point). Granderson made many runs and got a decent amount of points for the METS, but sadly they lost the World Series.
Third Base
For the World Series 2015, our player from the New York Mets, Lucas Duda, played first base. Lucas Duda played a horrible season this year for many reasons. First off, he was first base, so all the royal players ran to his base first. This results to being his or the outfields fault because its either he couldn't be passed the baseball fast enough or he just couldn't catch the ball. In our opinion, we think Lucas Duda was one of the rasons the Kansas City Royals won the World Series.
We decided after observing our player statistsics, he should be let go. He doesn't have as much of a positive impact as we need on the team.
Our third base player has not had a positive impact on the team and our games. We cannot afford to have unhelpful player on the team so we have decided to let him go.
Comparison Graph
Granderson scored 6 points out of the all 5 games for runs and scored 5 hits out of the 5 games and 2 points out of the whole game for strike outs. Granderson seems like a excellent player and we would keep him.
Because our player played a horrible game this season, we have decided that it would be better for the New York Mets if they let Lucas Duda go.
Conforto and Cespedes
Conforto and Cespedes combined made somewhat of a good plays throughtout the world series which would want us to keep these two players doing what their doing. I don't believe their contribution led to the Mets failure
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