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Why Disney Channel Is Bad For Kids

No description

Raina Jones

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Why Disney Channel Is Bad For Kids

STARRING: RAINA JONES Reason 1 Inappropriate jokes Disney has many jokes on their TV shows that aren't appropriate for kids. They think that kids won't understand them. Most kids don't, but the ones who do are likely to repeat them.This is especially apparent in the show "Jessie" In one of their shows they actually said when at a science fair "Go out their and kick some asteroid" Now that joke is funny for older kids, younger ones are likely to repeat it. for example... Reason 2 They lie to their parents Why is bad for kids. Reason 2 It teaches kids to disrespect their parents In a lot of the disney channel shows with teenagers in it, the kids are lying to their parents or saying outrageous things to them or about them like "Ugh my dad is so stupid" followed by a laugh track. Reason 3 Not only disney channel, but all TV is the culprit in reason 3. TV lowers the attention span of children. Things are happening so fast on the TV screen, that kids' brains will come to expect this pace. In Spongebob (not a disney show, but my point still stands) the scene changes every 11 seconds, while PBS and Animal Planet change every 34 seconds. It shortens kids' attention spans Reason 4 There is little to no educational value. What actually useful information have kids learned from disney? None. Compared to educational kids TV shows, it's about as educational as a potato. Reason 5 Makes kids feel bad about being obese while making them obese. All of the main characters are stick skinny and that makes kids want to be "Pretty" like them. Also they are constantly making fat jokes.For example the Dad on Good Luck Charlie. Also constant TV watching creates obesity, so it's a bit of a double negative. Reason 6 It's quietly racist Disney is quite discreet about this one. If you think about it there is little to no asian disney actors. Also "That's so Raven" is the only disney show that has more African American actors than Caucasian actors. They are mainly Caucasian and sometimes latino. Reason 7 The breakdown Every disney actor comes to this point. They turn 18 or 19 and become too old, then are fired. I remember when Miley Cyrus was fired after her video "I can't be tamed" which had swearing and was definitely not appropriate for her 1st to 6th grade main audience. She was fired and is definitively not a very good role model. This also happened to Demi Lavato, Lindsey Lohan, and many other mainly female actresses. This is hard for kids to understand and suddenly their idol is off the TV and in rehab. Summary of article: I read an article called "Why is Disney Channel Dying" and it was about the falling point of Disney Channel. It said that it all started with the High School Musical trilogy. After that the rates dropped by 19% because the shows just weren't that good anymore. It continued on talking about unnecessary merchandise and opinions about different shows. Reason 8 Unnecessary merchandise They basically brainwash kids into buying as much character merchandise as possible. The only reasoning behind this scheme is to get more money.
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for watching!
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