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Walt Whitman & Emily Dickison

No description

Tahj Pennington

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Walt Whitman & Emily Dickison

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Images from Shutterstock.com Walt Whitman By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame Walt and emily Emily Dickinson even though both come from two different parts of the world and experiences two different aspects of life they both share the most common thing they lived by witch was poetry and the time of romanticism and how explained with the imagery even though they used all sorts of different types of literary device The Bivouac's Fitful Flame is a short story expressing allot of imagery it seems with nature and war as the guard (Bivouacs) is hiding behind trees and camping heart rushing it uses alot of imagery. Expressing the time of war showing the bivouacs posseing as the guard seeing battle and how they would not know when a solider might take there life before you can take theres in war wondering thoughts like as if you can litrally see his life flash before him Emily Dickinson was a woman to her self. She was a great part of the 1800's and the time of romanticism. She didn't agree with society witch lead her to spend every wakeful moment inside of her house. This seems like a flaw but really without that she probably wouldn't ave made poems like this. she expalins how she seeing every thing around her just before she dies when her senses enhance. even though a woman to herself she expreesed alot in her poems and useing this imagery about death in her poem is a way she shows how to live I heard a fly buzz.... when i died
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