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Wonderful world of weathering

No description

Maggie Goad

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Wonderful world of weathering

What is weathering?
Breakdown of rock by natural processes into smaller and smaller pieces called sediments.
What causes weathering?
Rain, sleet, wind, snow, temperature changes, gravity, plants and animals.
Types of physical weathering:
Physical Battering/abrasion -
When rocks bang agains each other
in waves or streams,
they become
Frost action/ice wedging
Water gets into cracks in a rock and freezes. Water expands and turns to ice-cracks grow larger.
Climate most likely to experience physical weathering?
Cool temperature and wet weather.
How does weathering relate to the rock cycle?
Sediments from weathering are cemented together, forming sedimentary rocks.
Wonderful world of weathering
Exfoliation/Thermal expansion
When materials on top of rock erode, underlying rock expands and will crack or break into sheets.
Biological weathering
When plants/animals help break down a rock.
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