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English at rufford

No description

Bate Neil

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of English at rufford

Long Term Vision for English
That all staff possess expert level of knowledge in the subjects they teach & have a strong shared vision.

Focus for now

Interventions for those in Early Key Stage 2 who need boost in key skills e.g phonics.

What Has been done so far?
Re-organisation of Phonics across Key Stage 1
-already having a good impact

(author focus) to be

Making links with other school's.
Reading for enjoyment
Developing whole school environment and approach.

Knowledge and exposure of classic books and poetry.

Developing language and vocabulary
Resources- Phonics, Kinetic Letters, English working wall


Coverage of genres- New Curriculum Long, Medium and Short term planning being effectively used

Links made with Cornerstones and cross curricular.

Team- led by me!

How are we going to get there?
Understanding that English underpins all other subjects.
English at rufford
Outstanding learning experiences that lead to outstanding level of pupil achievement.
Love of the subject.
Focusing on key areas for development.
Providing a varied and creative approach to teaching English.
Dividing English into main areas: Reading, Phonics, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting & Speaking and Listening.
Application in cross curricular topics is vital.
All children regardless of circumstances are equipped with key skills in English that they can apply in all areas of curriculum.
Well established and consistent whole school approach.

Kinetic letters- training and resources
Guided Reading
'Love to Read'
Audit- of Early Reading and Phonics.
All staff- supported team.
*Developing Early Reading, Writing and Phonics.
Engaging and supportive learning environment throughout school.
Focus on Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 but not losing sight of what is happening in Key Stage 2.
Importance of parental involvement
Developing consistency- in policy, planning, teaching and application.
Tighter monitoring and assessment of children to ensure progression.
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