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Julia M.

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Cars

The fine automobile Cars The First Car About Karl Benz The Third Generation of Cars Toyota The first car was invented in 1769 by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot. About George Selden George was born September 14, 1846 and died January 17th 1922. His inspiration during childhood was inventing a horseless carriage. He enrolled in Yale but then when he wasn't successful studying law, he went to Sheffield Scientific School and succeeded. He tried to create a lighter version of George Brayton's car and finished making his car in 1878. Karl Benz invented the second generation of cars in 1885. About Nicholas Cugnot Karl Benz was born on November 26, 1844. At 21, he worked in a machine shop. He opened his own company called Benz & Company in 1883. He was the reason why Mercedes Benz is a car company now. In his company, Benz & Company, he made the first world's automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. In 1895, George Baldwin Selden invented his famous car. Nicholas Cugnot was born on September 26, 1725 and died on October 2, 1804. From 1743-1763 he was in the French Army and in 1769 he invented the first opinionated automobile to many. When he was a young man, he invented a new kind of rifle for the French Army. Since then, he continued to make inventions. The Second Generation of Cars By: Amanda, Joseph, and Julia In 1934, Toyota Industries created it's first car, A engine. About Toyota In 1933, Toyota's automatic loom works devoted to the automobile production under the founders son, Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyota's first cars were the A1 Passenger Car and the G1 Car in 1935. The Toyota Motor Co. became an independent company in 1937 and then becoming number one in the whole world. About Honda In 1906, Soichiro Hondo was born on November 17. Soichiro had a small yet popular business selling bicycles in Japan. However, he had learned a lot about cars at the age of fifteen. The car company now known as Honda hired him to repair cars and then after he died they named the company after him. In 1970, Honda created what's known as the curpside classic. Honda In 1963, Soichiro Hondo created Honda's first car. Mercedes Benz Then And Now Back then, people only used cars for going to places.
Now, cars include:
- Heated seats
- A Radio
- Pandora
- Calling
- And much more! What Life Would Be Without Cars Cars are one of the greatest inventions ever made. They help us explore new things! Who knows where we would be without them? We are very lucky to have thoughtful inventors with us. We would all like to thank each and everyone of them for creating these vehicles! Convertible

The first convertible was made in 1964 and was a Mustang. It is undecided who invented the convertible, all we know is that we love them. Almost every brand has their take on the convertible. Some people wonder why inventors made cars because they can just ride their bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and more but, those objects are just for trails or short distances. Cars, are not just for quick rides but are also good for traveling. The great thing about cars is that because they are good for traveling, sometimes, you can use them instead of riding a plane and you would save a lot of money! Think about it, where would we be without cars? First of all, everyday, we would have to walk or ride our bikes to school and we would be stuck here! The only way to explore new things is to ride a plane. Also, if we wanted to go to another town, it would be too long to walk or ride a bike so, you would have to take a plane every single day just to get to another town. Then, you would be spending a lot of money! One thing that we love about cars is that they have roofs. So if cars didn't exist, what would we do if it was raining or snowing? That is why we are very lucky that people thought of the idea of inventing a car. Mercedes Benz
In 1886 Karl Benz who created one of the first cars we talked about earlier created his popular car brand Mercedes Benz. There were not many electric cars but in 1906, Mercedes came out with not one not two but several different models of an electric car. In 1931 by the time 4 wheels became popular, Mercedes introduced independent suspension. This means that each wheel can respond to different things at the same time. They also introduced a stronger more durable car door locks some of which can be found in cars today. Most people when thinking of Mercedes think of the shifter they created. Sports Cars A sports car is usually a small, two seated car. It was made to be extra comfortable and luxurious. Sports Cars became popular in the 20th century as touring cars and roadsters. In 1886, Karl Benz created the company Mercedes Benz. Jeep Jeep brand's first owner was Willys. About Willys Willys (also known as Willy's Knights) is a automoblie company that was Jeep's first owner. John Willys bought the Overland Automotive Division of Standard Wheel Company and renamed it to fit his last name.
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