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2013 Final Year Project:To Infinity and Beyond--Case Study on Pixar Branding [From:Beijing Normal University and HongKong Baptist Univerity United International College; Major:Public Relation and Adve

We dedicate this final year project to the memory of Pixar who inspired us to dream,believe,dare and do.

winnie wu

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of 2013 Final Year Project:To Infinity and Beyond--Case Study on Pixar Branding [From:Beijing Normal University and HongKong Baptist Univerity United International College; Major:Public Relation and Adve

Story Front Gate Museum Art Division Brand Division PR Division Research Division Artist : John Lasseter Scientist : Ed Catmull Entrepreneur : Steve Jobs Oscar Annie Awards Grammy Golden Globe Founders Great Hits Visual Art Color Scene Character Props Production Promotion Poster Museum
history Art Division
product elements Brand Division
brand elements Marketing Division
marketing mix Research Division
key findings
conclusion PR Division
leverage secondary brand association Screening Hall
ending Pixar Animation Studio Screening Hall Brand Culture Lifestyle Society Snow cars Real- Life "Up" House Hamblin family Nail Household in Seattle Marketing Division Marketing Mix Product: value creating Price: value capturing Place: value delivering Dicersity: Brand archetecture
--peripheral products Technology
--advanced hardware & software Cars' Video Game Monsters' 3D Glasses Brave' s Monopoly Rolls Finding Nemo
Puzzle Book App Financial Success $1 Billion worldwide $7.7 Billion Worldwide Theme park Movie theater Brave, World Premiere At the Dolby Theater Cars 2 , World Premiere In Hollywood Promotion: value communicating Social Media Social media release & video news release Socialization & Distribution Company--Disney Studios of Origin Co-branding Event Pixar University Celebrity Endorsement: vocal art Woody & Tom Hanks Partnership with the Australian-Based V8 Supercars Cartoon style Brand elements Brand name: URLs: Logo Packaging www.pixar.com Sub-brands: movie logos Brand logo evolution 1979 1986 Pixar Building Managing Measuring Northeastern United States Value Friendship LOVE Minimalism Globalization & Localization Product Price Place Promotion Dory & Ellen Spirited Away Screening for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 2002 Folk culture rejuvenating Leverage Secondary Brand Association

Spanish verb

Aid to recall Aesthetic

Functional Product Elements Value Story Visual Art (in Production & Promotion) Humor appeals Emotional appeals Pixar complex Product Placement Triptych Poster Directly Targeting Pixar Evangelists Powerful backbones Disney incredible assets Pixar Company 20 Anniversary Uniqlo United States Postal Service Attractiveness & Likeability Ellen's lip Personal Persuasion & Influence Pixar Exhibition Space Travel Ghibli

Pixar Historic Intercultural Communication Corporate Social Responsibility Research Brand Equity Measuring Examine the Branding Effectiveness of Pixar Provement Conclusion Survey Sample 328 College students April 22 -- April 25 Snowball sampling Focus
Group Date: 24th, April, 2013 Time: 1: 00pm~ 3: 00pm Location: Library No. of Participants: 10 Survey Brand
Awareness Brand
Image Brand
Response Focus
Study Conclusion Multidimensional
Examination Positive
Brand Equity Suggestions Cultural Diversity Music Appeal Original Brand Independent Brand Product Brand Free
Task Projective
Technique 1.Brand Associations' Strength, Favorability and Uniqueness:
Innovation & Creativity (16);
3D Technology & Visual Art(10). 2. Completion and Interpretation Task:
Bubble Exercise. 3. Comparison Task. Scene 1: Movie Theater Scene 2: DVD Store (1) (2) (3) When planning a new picture, we don't think of grown-ups, and we don't think of children. But just of that fine, clean, unspoiled spot down deep in every one of us that maybe the world has made us forget and that maybe our pictures can help recall.

---Walt Disney, 1938 Dream Believe Dare Do Anton Ego: French Food Critic Edna Mode: German and Japanese Hybrid, a Super Suit Designer. A triple helix of artistic, technological and business study toy-box collection Cars directors edition Toy story ultimate CD cover CD insider CD booklet CD Pixar 11-Films DVD collection -- "to make pictures" Brand Differentiation Strategy Animation Empire I got the ticket of
Monsters University 's first show in China! Are you jealous? Hope you enjoy it! We've
already watch the first show
in America. And we visited the Pixar Factory
after the first show. Because our
tickets number have been chosen
by Pixar Potential thought: Preference for watching Pixar Movie Not prefer 1 2 3 4 5 prefer Potential thought: Preference for purchasing Pixar DVD Not prefer 1 2 3 4 5 prefer Come with me ~
baby~ Ok, but please don't
I come for Pixar,
not for you~ (holds a Pixar DVD) Motivational Stimuli Emotional Commitment Toy Story DVD Key Findings Key Findings 1. Innovation
2. Distinction
3. Domination Lightning McQueen Charity Benefit at Pixar Survey( Quantitative Research) Focus Group Study(Qualitative Research) Content Analysis Tables: Participants Resource (Online )
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