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Thomas Cavendish

No description

James Buckley

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Cavendish

What Impact did he make?
What he did
Pirates And Explorers

By Zareb Siddiqui, Luke Stott and James Buckley
Thomas Cavendish
Information from www.britannica.com and www.tudorblog.com
Who Was He?
Sir James Lancaster
Information from www.britannica.com and www.tudorblog.com
Who Was He?
- English merchant born in 1554 (approx) in Hampshire
- Commander of the first English ship to reach the East Indies
- Commander of the Red Dragon and Edward Bonaventure
- Died in 1618 in London

What Did He Do?
-Lancaster was a sailor, captain and primarily merchant.
-Commanded the Edward Bonaventure under Francis Drake against the Spanish Armada.
-He commanded the first British vessel to reach the East Indies and set up the first trading post in South East Asia, specifically Java.
-Plundered every ship he encountered whilst in present day Malaysia, returning in 1594.
- He became governor of the East India Tea Company and was knighted for his work for them in 1601.

-His impact was large because he set up the first trade route for the East India Company and made it flourish into what would be a large part of the British Empire in the Victorian era, ending up owning about a third of India.
-Also, he set up a lot of trade routes connecting England to Asia and improving England's connections with the rest of the world for centuries.
Thank You for Watching!
-Thomas Cavendish was a Tudor explorer and pirate
-He was born in Suffolk 1560 and
died 1592 in the North Atlantic Ocean
-The cause of his death remains unknown
-He was buried at sea
This is a video of the route Thomas Cavendish took when he circumnavigated the globe.
-One of the first men to circumnavigate the earth
-Dropped out os school
-Became a courtier which almost ruined his life
-Rebuilt fortune by joining colonial enterprise
-1585 set sail to America with Sir Richard Grenvile
-Was part of the crew of Sir Francis Drake
-Nicknamed the navigator on Francis' ship
-They sailed from Plymouth (1586) with 3 ships and 123 men
-They only returned with one vessel
-On that voyage they discovered port desire, named after one of hos ships, in Argentina
-1587 they captured 22 spanish ships at California
-This was a great accomplishment for the crew
-The crew circumnavigated (went around) the world in 2 years and 50 days
-They came back very rich but Thomas wasted all of his money
-3 years later Thomas went on a voyage disaster ,to try to get his wealth back, that was his fault
-He blamed his partner and did not manage to reach England alive.
-long lasting legacy as tnird person to circumnavigate
the globe
-and to do it intentionally
-one of the first great british explorers
-one of the Worlds greatest navigators
-he shall inspire generations to cometo discover new land
andclaim it for Britain
Thomas Cavendish is the one on the left
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