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Choosing a settlement site

No description

A. Bartlam

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Choosing a settlement site

1) Were would you most like to place your settlement?
What are the main advantages of this place?
2) Where would you least like to place your settlement?
What is the main disadvantage of this place? Choosing a Settlement Site We Are Learning To: make informed decisions about where to build a settlement Rank the following in order of which you think would be most important when choosing your settlement site:

A. Water supply - this needs to be fresh, clean and reliable
B. Building material - either stone or wood
C. Food supply - farmland and fishing grounds were important
D. Land for building - needs to be solid and unlikely to flood; best on low and flat land which is not marshy
E. Fuel supply - e.g. peat, wood or coal
F. Defensive site - a place that is difficult to attack because it is e.g. on top of a steep-sided hill. Extension task: Try and think of some synonyms to use in your answers instead of the words 'has' or 'have'
e.g. I would most like to settle in site... because it provides... The perfect settlement site? The perfect settlement site?
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