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California Trail

No description

Olivia Paul

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of California Trail

By: Olivia, Jocelyn, Killian, and Alejandro
Weather in the Great Plains
The Great Plains are very hot and dry in the summer months. They are very cold in the winter months. The wind speeds are often very high.
Weather in the Sierra Nevada Range
There is a lot of rain and snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Summers are dry and are low in humidity. It is influenced by the weather in California.
Weather in the Rocky Mountains
The weather in the Rocky Mountains is pretty rainy and mid temperatures. It's usually about 40 degrees and lower at night.
The weather on the trail,
when they were in the mountains, is was cold, snowy, and rainy. when they were in the deserts, it was hot and humid. the planes had mostly good weather or hot and humid.
Weather on the California Trail
The End
Thanks for Watching!
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