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My Anthem Project

No description

McKenzie Lazar

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of My Anthem Project

Anthem Chapter Project
By: McKenzie Lazar

Chapter 1: Finding the Pit
Chapter 2: Meeting Liberty
Chapter 3: Finding Light in a Hopeless World
"It is a sin to write this" He is basically saying
that he knows it is wrong to write this. He still writes it, because he is starting to become and individual, and eventually becomes an individual.
"We are one in all and all in one.
There are no men but only the great WE,
One, indivisible and forever". It is saying
that the society is a whole and there are no individuals. They are all uniform, and that is how his society is.
"You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000" This means
Equality is starting to break the rules. He is also starting to fall in love with Liberty, and brings his feelings up to her. If he never did this she would have never run away with him.
"We wish to write this name. We wish to speak it aloud, but we dare not above a whisper." This means he is taking notice of women which is a law and he broke it. He broke it while knowing what he was doing, so he doesn't realize it yet, but he is slowly becoming an individual.
"We know not what this power is nor whence it comes. But we know its nature, we have watched it and worked with it." This means he doesn't know what a light bulb is, or what it does, but he does know it has power like his candles.
"This discovery haunts us." Even though it is
for the good his discovery scares him, because
he fears what the others will say when he tells
them. When he does they get angry and try to destroy it, this causes him to run to the Uncharted Forest.
Chapter 4: The Unconquered
"But the Golden One stood alone at the hedge, waiting." She is waiting to talk to him, and even though she knows that the others see her doing that she doesn't care. This shows that Equality is rubbing off on her, and she is starting to become and individual, too.
"They looked straight into our eyes and they held their head high and they answered: The Unconquered." This is saying that his mind is one of the few that hasn't been taken by the fear and hopelessness, in this terrible society. He is one of the few that actually know what they are doing with themselves, and think different form the others.
Chapter 5: The Light
"We made it. We created it. We brought it forth from the night of the ages. We alone. Our hands. Our mind. Ours alone and only." This states that he is the one who made it no his other brother his mind and his alone.
"We must wait. We must guard our tunnel as we have never guarded it before." He is starting to care about his box of light and himself he is starting to be caring of his body and what happens to them. This is an act of individuality, because if he didn't care, he would just become one of the other people part of the Great WE.
Chapter 6: The Whipping
"We will not tell you." He says this, because he doesn't them to get his light, and he is willing to protect it with his life. He will not tell them which says that he is becoming more and more like and individual.
"The Light . . . The Light . . . The Light. . . ." This shows that even when he is being tortured he still has hope that the scholars will accept him as one of their own, with this little invention. This invention is his hope in that hopeless word, even if it is little, it means a lot to him.
Chapter 7: Showing the Scholars
Chapter 12: Naming Eachother
"Our Brothers!" we said "We matter not not our transgressons" Equality is saying this doesn't matter how he is sinned or the laws he had broken, he needs to show you something. By saying this to the Scholars he is also being an individual slowly, but surely.
"Our Brothers" we cried "have you nothing to say to us?" He knows that the scholars are scared at first and he wants to change their fear into curiosity, so he asks this question. By speaking in this way, he is basically challenging the Scholars.
Chapter 8: The First Day in the Forest
"Then we took our glass box, and we went on into the forest." This means he still cares about his glass box, so he carries it around with him, even though he is in the forest. This states that he is even becoming an individual when he is here, because he can do what he wants with the box now.
"We could also rise, or run, or leap, or fall down again." This is saying that he is starting to feel free, unequal, his own person, and he is developing a personality. This is a major statement that he is becoming an individual, and can do what he wants, when he wants, when he wants it.
Chapter 9: Liberty arrives in the Forest
"We cannot understand this new life which we have found, yet it seems so clear and so simple." This means that he cannot understand this new life, because he doesn't understand his new found individualism.
"Yet now, as we walk through the forest, we are learning to doubt." He is learning to doubt what he was taught when he was in the society of "WE". The forest is teaching he to become an individual, unlike the society of "WE" taught him.
Chapter 10: Arriving at the House
"They stood before it and looked and looked upon their body." This means that she is almost in a trance over the sight of her body, because she has never seen it before, and is memorized by it. By not being ashamed by her looking at herself, she is also being coming an individual just like Equality.
"May knowledge come to us!" This is implying that he doesn't care what his old society thinks, because he is now gaining his own knowledge from his own sources, not sources of his "brothers". This is stating that he is becoming more and more individualistic.
Chapter 11: Finding Individualism
"I am. I think. I will." This is stating that he is an individual now and he is just realizing it now, because of the manuscripts. He is so happy with this new life and he is just filled with ecstasy now.
"I owe nothing to my brothers, nor do I gather debts from them." He is stating that he is not mad over this and will not be, because he knows that it is all because of the society he lived in. He is also saying that he isn't sad, because he is happy where he is right now, and wouldn't wish for anything else to happen to them or their life they have now.
"Now I look ahead. My future is clear before me" He is saying that he looks forward to the future and his life with Liberty. Now that he is an individual he can have his own thoughts and not worry about what the others will think about him if he brings these thoughts about.
"I shall live here, in my house." He is stating that this house is his no one elses. Only his an Liberty's house and he doesn't have to share it like they shared it with the others when they were in the great sleeping halls, in his old society,
Character Analysis
International 4-8818
International 4-8818 was important to the novel as a whole, because he did not tell on Equality when he found the pit. He and Equality became friends because of this, and Equality could have never escaped without his loyalty. He was also a street sweeper along with Equality. He represents the people in the novel who secretly want to be individuals, but doesn't know what it is, or if they did, they don't want to break the laws.
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