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Historical Roots

No description

Sim D

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Historical Roots

Bosnian Leader
March 18, 1992
The Bosnian-Muslim leader, the Bosnian-Croat leader, and the Bosnian-Serb leader all agreed on a peaceful seperation of Bosnia & Herzegovina from Yugoslavia
Lisbon Agreement (Cutileiro Plan)
Where ?
The Bosnia War took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In the capital city, Sarajevo.
By: Simran, Kiranpreet, Maha, & Sade
Historical Roots of the Bosnian War

Serbians wanted to be ruled by only other Serbians
They decided to rebel against the government
Serbia wanted there to be a war in Bosnia
Serbans started rumours that Bosnian president was a muslim extremist
Who Started the War?
Break up of Yugoslavia

In 1992, Bosnia left Yugoslavia
1/3 of Bosnia's population was Serbian
Majority of Serbians were Catholic
Most Bosnian were Muslims
The Bosnian President was Muslim
Lisbon Agreement
This agreement called for an independent

Bosnia, divided into three wholes and geographically separate parts

Izetbegovic, Boban, and Karadzic (Bosnian leaders) all agreed to the plan, and signed the agreement.
Who was Involved in the War?
Death Camps
Serbians reaction was to invade Bosnia
Serbian troops began to invade Bosnia
Including Sarajevo where the Bosnian government was located
Serbians began to claim land as their own
They tortured all of the Muslims until they left their land
Areas Bosnians owned were doing the same to Serbians
Bosnian Flag
Death Camps: Death camps are where people, mainly political prisoners and prisoners from war are deliberately prisoned and kept in poor conditions, causing them to die or kept to be executed.
Bosnia & Herezgovina
United States
helped Boznia & Herezgovina
United Nations
helped Boznia & Herezgovina
What was the agreement called?
Where did the Bosnian war take place?
How much of Bosnia's population was Serbian?
Who started the war?
What are death camps?
How Did The Bosnia War Start?

The Bosnia War (1992 - 1995) was an armed conflict that took
place in Bosnia and Herzegovia between April 1992 and December
1995. The war all started because Izetbegovic (muslim leader) signed
the Lisbon Agreetment and then later withdrew his signiture when
Warren Zimmerman (American ambassdor) met up with
Izetbegovic and suggested that if he withdrawed his signiture
he would give recognization to Bosnia as an idependant
state. After he took the ambassdor's advice he later held a
referendum on the seperation. The next day there was a muslim
led attack on a Serbian wedding. But with all that what really started
the war was when Izetbegovic annouced a full moblization without
the Serbian's and Coations consent.
That is when the war started in Sarajevo

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