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The Big Bang Theory

No description

vanessa miyasaka

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady
Premiered on CBS in 2007
It is currently in its seventh season

Centered in five characters:
Mechanical engineer
Geek community
Geek is a person who is socially awkward and unpopular : a usually intelligent person who does not fit in with other people. A person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity. (Merriam-Webster)

- Play video games
- Watch science-fiction movies/ TV shows
(Star Wars, Stark Trek)
- Read comic books
- They use a technical language
- A professor of physics and astronomy check the scripts and provides dialogue, mathematics equations, and diagrams used on the show.
word used by Sheldon
to accompany his jokes
and pranks.
Penny:does not see her intelligence as a measure of her success
Leonard: views his success as determined by his intellectual achievements, also views penny as an achievement
Sheldon: his only achievements are those centered around his scientific findings
Howard: while still focused on the nerd prototype, his assumption of success is never complete without a female counterpart
Who lives across the hallway from Sheldon and Leonard?
Which is Raj's occupation?
Which of the following are characters from other shows, that can be compared to Sheldon and Penny?
In the first season, which character is unable to speak to women?

a) Blast
b) Bingo
c) Bazinga
d) Bazing
Who is Bernadette?
Penny's ex boyfriend: Symbol of masculinity
Sheldon: The most nerd;
no interest in women
Leonard is the one who shows interest in women, but have hard time in getting dates.
On the first episode, Raj does not talk to Penny; Howard justifies: "He is a nerd!"
Howard also has interest in women; He tries to have Penny's attention as well.
Amy: Stereotypical de-sexualized nerd woman
Penny: The "normal one" in the show.
Bernadette: came to the show to be Howard's lover.
Engelhart, Jasmin. (2012).
The Nerd as the Other: A Case Study on the Representations of Nerds in The Big Bang Theory and Beauty and the Geek.
Only person of colour in the group. Heavily stereotyped along with the female characters but he is not the only thing about The Big Bang Theory that is diverse.
Personalities are another diverse factor in The Big Bang Theory. Even though the main character's have similar interests in science, their personalities are what differ them from each other
The Big Bang Theory x Reception
a. Amy
b. Raj
c. Penny
d. Howard
a. Waiter at the Cheesecake Factory
b. Mechanical Engineer
c. Physicist
d. Astrophysicist
a. Van Dyke and Phoebe
b. Archie and Rose
c. Mr. Ed and Mary Tyler
d. Homer and Lucy

"What Chuck Lorre wants us to find funny is not the jokes which the characters are making, it’s the characters themselves."
x laughing
"The thing geeks don't always seem to realize is that this show doesn't respect them. At all."
Harry Edmundson-Cornell, Blogger.
On the other hand...
"What makes The Big Bang Theory interesting for me is that at the heart of the characters are funny, intelligent and ultimately flawed human beings who are just trying to get through their day."
"The Big Bang Theory‘s caricatures aren’t meant to hurt, but to let us laugh at ourselves, to shove aside the grown-up self who has learned not to tell everyone about her Batman obsession"
In conclusion...
Each character holds a different set of values when it comes to what it means to be "successful"
Each of these characters resembles a different definition of success based on what they take pride in and what makes them happy.
a) Howard
b) Sheldon
c) Leonard
d) Raj
What is Sheldon Cooper's common catchphrase?

appealing x provocative

"TV entertainment takes its design from social and psychological fissures [...]. If the messages are susceptible to divergent interpretations, that is no failure for television." (Gitlin, 2000, pp. 217).
Gitlin, T. (2000).
Inside Prime Time
. New York: Pantheon Books.
a) Sheldon's girlfriend
b) Howard's wife
c) Leonard's sister
d) Raj's wife
Sheldon and Leonard
Roommates and best friends.
Sometimes fight over Sheldon’s annoying habits.

Raj and Howard
They are best friends in a “bromance”.
Sometimes engage discussions as if
they were a couple.

Penny and Leonard
Romantic focus of the series.
They are an on/off couple throughout the series.

Penny and Sheldon
Good friends who make fun of each other.
Sheldon makes fun of Penny for not being too intelligent,
and she makes fun of him for his social awkwardness.

Sheldon and Howard
Tempestuous relationship.
Sheldon looks down on Howard for not having a PhD, while Howard dislikes Sheldon’s personality.

The Big Bang Family
They are a big family. It is also includes
Amy and Bernadette (who appeared later
in the series). Each one has their own individual relationships, but overall, they are
all friends.Their base is Sheldon and
Leonard’s apartment.

Stark, S. (1997).
Glued to the set: 60 years of television shows and events that made us who we are today
. New York: Delta.
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