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Feed: The Huge Friggin` Project

Created by Michael Bassili for English 10, Mr. Baker's Class block 2.

Mike Gamers

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Feed: The Huge Friggin` Project

Feed Journal By: Michael Bassili First Impressions of Feed The novel Feed really impressed me. I thought that this novel would be another terrible story about life lessons. It actually impressed me with its maturity and humor. It was interesting to read about the trends in this future world and how our internet conversations became their normal conversations. These people used a more lazy, non-verbal way of conversing with each other. Our fantasies turn into their realities and our fears are the characters threats. Pollution and hazardous waste fly around the world slowly. It was very intriguing to read about this sort of life and to imagine this happening to us. I enjoyed the novel. The Missing Character If I had to create a new character, I would create a character that is on Violet's side but also on the governmental side. This character would be against the Feed like Violet but would also consider the fact that if everyone renounced the Feed, chaos would occur because everyone counts on the Feed to accomplish simple tasks such as talking. It would be very interesting to see the different points this new character would have to say when the time comes. Even thought this character does no like the Feed, he knows that its for the best that everyone doesn't rebel against it without knowing its consequences. Action Figures Inspired by Feed Violet Dolls: She would have a normal look for Violet then she would have accessories such as a purse, hat, necklace and shoes. When you would push the button on her back, she would shout "REBEL" and vibrate. A question I have My question is: Why doesn't Violet attempt to sabotage the implanting of the feed chip? I know that this poor child would have to be taught how to talk and converse with others using his mouth but it would be a huge step towards a revolution. Violet could use this child as an example of how life used to be before the Feed chip and she could really make a difference with the world. How Feed relates to my life Feed's main idea, technology and companies are taking over, relates to me in a physiological level. We sometimes don't realize it but we rely more and more on technology everyday. Specifically Apple is a priority in our minds. We purchase Apple products thinking that this iPod you just bought will be for music but then you begin using it for other things like games and reminders. We become in trance with this technology and we use them even more and more everyday. Myself, I utilize iPod and iPad technology and I sometimes forget that these things are slowly controlling us. I find myself using my iPod to work instead of my computer. Apple is controlled by a big corporation and this big corporation controls us. Disney Connections: Wall E So we have earth, a clean(ish) planet who's inhabitants are humans, dirty organisms that pollute and destroy the environment at a large scale. That is the main idea around Wall E, humans have destroyed earth after years of neglect and punishment. They have completely trashed earth and have taken off into space where they can survive. Even in space, another problem arises, the big corporations have made technology way to reliable for us humans and as a result, we are fat and stationed on floating chairs. In Feed, they all use technology to talk and do simple tasks and chores. In Feed, the earth is destroyed with pollution just like Wall E and it deepens when the details about how they have also polluted space. Disney Connections Like Wall E, pollution was a conflict in the movie. The humans have polluted earth in a way that they have to resort to space. Even space is polluted to an extreme. In Feed, they travel to space to "get away from it all" which can be a way to explain the need to leave a dirty polluted place. In Wall E, the entire human race has moved into space to attempt to survive as a species. They soon become fat and lazy. Like the humans in Wall E, they neglected taking care of its earth and themselves, in Feed, the earth is polluted and they have "evolved" into a species that only used technology. Wall E's humans changed in a dramatic way and so did the people in Feed. Violet's iPod List Violet would most probably have more rebellious songs like Punk Rock or some artist like Marilyn Manson because she has a very different, prominent personality. 1. Green Day

2. The Ramones

3. Sex Pistols

4. My Chemical Romance

5. The Misfits

6. Marilyn Manson Titus' iPod List Titus would probably listen to more mainstream music like Eminem, Weeser and other regular music that people today listen to. 1. Katey Perry

2. Ke$ha

3. Flo Rida

4. Justin Beiber

5. E-dubble A Question I Have The government in Feed controlled the people (in a way) with technology. They used the Feed chip to tell then what to buy and what to partake in. Like the government now, there is conspiracy, money, power and other corporate variables. Why don't the people in Feed realize that the government is controlling them? It is very obvious that the government has some kind of control over the people and that the Feed chip is over-forced in society. Feed Relating To My Life Well, global conspiracy is a thing now and Feed shows a side of control by the government with the Feed chip being forced onto the people. The government (and big corps) own basic objects such as clouds. The government keeps the people under control using the chip and the big shot governmental associates live it up. Importance of Setting To set the mood, witters use potential danger to intrigue their readers. With the setting being in the near future and with all the pollution around the protagonist. This sparks an idea in the mind of the readers, this fate may happen to us soon. Technology takes over, pollution over encumbers us and the government slowly develops in our minds, using us as pawns and controlling us through a chip in our brains. The interesting thing is that all this CAN happen to us. Pollution is a huge problem in society and technology (specifically Apple) is quickly taking over in our daily lives. Its kinda scary to think about but all events in Feed are maybe (or most probably) going to happen and it gets the readers interested on whats happening in the story and shows us a side of life that creates a mild concern in peoples minds. The setting is important because it can relate so finely to our everyday lives. I Enjoyed The Conflict in Feed Well, pollution and governmental conspiracy is fun and all but the fact that technology took over and began to control us through our thoughts is astounding. How the government used the Feed to control ideas and to tell people what to buy, what to think and whats "in the new." Also the fact that rebellious acts from Violet continue to stir up a show for the government. It all turns into a huge war with the government acting as a dictatorship and the so called "rebels" fighting for their so called "independence" that the government has already tossed away. The conflict really interested me because it was a topic that almost everyone thought about or read about but they implemented the use of many conflicts to make one main conflict seem worse than it already is. Using pollution as a backdrop for governmental conspiracy was interesting to read about. These people that were living in this terrible future were just living with the pollution and they were oblivious to any plans made by the government. Now I know that people who read this novel probably have a different sense on whats happening throughout the book but this is my perspective. Products Inspired by Feed Not exactly a product inspired by Feed but Feed being inspired by Apple. I think that the intense use of technology and the desperation of the Feed is like the moment when we forget our iPods at home and we so desperately need to play Temple Run. Kinda sad but its a reality. The Feed is like our iPods and iPhones and iPads (basically all Apple products) that we depend on way too for nothing important. Feed, The Movie Cast:

Angelina Jolie as Viloet

Aston Kutchuer as Titus

Brad Pitt as Marty

Adam Sandler as Link

Sarah Palin as Calista

Lady Gaga as Quendy This movie would be Big Budget and would have allot of violence and drama. It would be bias towards companies such as Apple and Microsoft. It would talk about big topics like conspiracy and pollution. The movie wouldn't be called Feed but instead, would be called In Our Heads (a reference to the Feed chip). Changing Villains Well, having the Feed is considered the "antagonist" of the novel. Having pollution as the main problem would have probably changed the entire story. Violet would be concerned with the environment more than fighting the chip. Titus still wouldn't care so much and so on. It would also bring up new problems such as lack of air (no trees) and so on. The Feed chip problem worked with layers. A polluted backdrop, a compelling government conspiring against the people and the chip in front, fueling the conflict. Author Idea I personally think that the author of Feed wanted to show a message about the way we live our lives. How we treat our garbage and how we are oblivious to others when we are using technology. Its actually kind of funny when you think about it. In a sense, the author is trying to show readers what were doing to out earth yet it is portrayed as a joke (pollution) compared to conspiracy. Feed Relating to My Life (again) So, I already ranted about Apple and other companies such as Apple that create technology that we so humbly depend on bu I haven't yet talked about how Apple lures their customers in. In Feed, the chip is forced but Apple in the real world uses simplicity and creativity to lure their customers to buy the next "new thing" that they put out; A.K.A the iPhone 5. They just put out the same product but with some mild improvements on the ios or the design or the main look to the product. Its ridiculous! Feed Relating to My Life I personally know a person who is currently fighting a governmental regime sort of thing. I am in no position to reveal his or her name but they are fighting against the muslim government in Egypt. Trying to save the christians who are under the control of the muslim regime. The christians are being killed and oppressed by their own government. The person that I know is trying to alert the world while aiding the christian people in Egypt. Feed Action Figgures Titus Action Figures: He would have his default look and would come with accessories such as a hat, sunglasses and different looks could be manipulated on Titus' face such as a confused look or a scared look. He wouldn't have a button on his back. A Change of Setting If the story of Feed happened in modern times (A.K.A now), it would ruin the message. The setting now allows the readers to think about their futures with pollution and conflict with their government. If it took place now, it would be way to unrealistic to spark thoughts such as the future and how we can ruin our planet in a couple of years. It also creates a mild concern for the readers because it can all happen to us eventually. A Question I Have What reason would the government require the chip for? I know that pollution is out of control and I know that these people continue to pollute the world but that's no reason to control their people using a chip implanted in your brain. Its violating these peoples rights and amendments. It is a complete violation of privacy to these people and it isn't right that the government can just decide to implant a chip into the minds of the people. It isn't right! What Would I DO? What I would have done is attempted to sabotage the place where the government implants the Feed chip. That would send a message to whoever is in charge and proclaim to every one that the Feed chip is wrong and to show the government that we will not stand for this invasion of privacy. That' what I would have done. Changing Villains Its a matter of time and place. What if Violet's plans got in the way of Titus' life. Titus would try to get in Violet's way and Violet ends up killing Titus. The irony of it all; Violet, a rebel, kills Titus, a civilian that has no ties to conspiracy. Violet would be prosecuted for murder making her, a villain. Titus' iPod list (part 2) Titus would have not just mainstream music on his play list but also have many different genders. He would have songs that he personal enjoys and continuously tells people that it's good music and that its his choice. He wouldn't have any weird song or artists. He would also be influenced by others so if someone he knew liked a new song, Titus would follow along with them. It would be very influential to Titus and he would react to the mainstream world in a welcoming manner. I Enjoyed I really enjoyed how all of the different conflicts overlap each other in a way that is almost reluctant. Pollution goes over conspiracy which overlaps governmental Feed stuff which circles back to pollution then to technology taking over. It all blends together to create an almost Hellish setting. Then the story adds in love and rebellion and it all keeps getting worse. It really got interesting and it pulled me in slowly. Disney Connections Now I don't like Disney but I find in interesting to watch children awe about how amazing Disney movies are. Like Feed, humans are into new things like the iPhone 5 which BTW is just like the iPhone 4. In Feed, everyone is baffled by the newest trend on their Feed chip. They are like the people in Wall E who constantly change when technology appalls them. The newest color is green, well we'll call everything old "obsolete" and we'll sell the green one for more! I find that redundant and very much what those little kids think once a new Disney movie comes out. Missing Character I would add a character that is witty but refuses to cope with the Feed chip. He/she wouldn't rebel against the chip but just "live" without it. This person would be very self centered and wouldn't care about anyone else but him/herself. This character would be a mild foil to the pro-tag because his laziness would either get in the way or would refuse to help in times of need. This person would probably end up joining some form of government because of his no effort approach to the Feed and the Importance of Villains Having multiple villains is interesting because not only one concerns the protagonist. The pollution makes life hard and the government's Feed chip is prime for concern. Violet takes on the task of rebelling against this government implanted chip while the rest of the world silently suffered as their environment deteriorated around them. It created another appealing scenario to draw away from the main antagonist. It was cool and it was necessary because if their was not another problem to deal with, it would have put too much en thesis on the governments chip. Feed Relating To My Life When Violet freaks out at the party, it made me think of when I was walking home one day and this house by my neighborhood was having a party. I was invited but I don't party :). I was walking by this house and I heard some girl screaming. I was bored so I popped in an I saw this girl on the floor screaming. Apparently, she was cutting lemons for some guys drinks and she somehow cut her finger off. There was allot of blood and screaming. It reminded me of when Violet started freaking out and screaming at the party. The girl ended up being alright like Violet after the party. A Question I Have Why doesn't Violet force Titus to help her remove the Feed chip (a followup of my first question)? If Titus helped out, they could have accomplished allot. They probably could have avoided Violet dying at the end of Feed. It would have given a happier ending if the Feed chip was gone and Violet was alive to see her work completed. Titus would have benefited social wise with Violet. He would have increased his chances of getting together with Violet after it was all resolved. Music Related to Feed The song Payphone relates to Feed in a number of ways. First of all, when he said "I'm at a payphone, trying to call home..." I related that to the protagonist of the song trying to go back to a better place before everything screwed up. In Feed, Violet and the other extremists/rebels wish that there was a life without Feed, she wants to "live without it" and in Payphone, "...where are the plans we made for two?" implying just the protagonist and its love interest (Violet). They both fantasize about life before the Feed or the bank robbery. Music Compared to Feed In the song, Taking Over Me by Essence, she sing about not being able to remember old times, to think about old times and customs. She doesn't understand why she still knows about old times, she doesn't know what it means. It confuses her and makes her critically think about. Like Violet, she remembers old times and she wishes that what happened never happened. First Impressions (Again) When I was first handed the novel Feed in class, I wasn't really happy about reading a book for class but than I began reading the book and I really began to enjoy it. It was interesting to follow Violet, Titus, Quendy and the others. I likes it allot and it made me really think about the environment and hw we can affect it and mold it. I really enjoyed Feed. Song Related to Feed Weirdly, I made connections with the song Young Wild and Free. I linked the looseness of the people in the story with the singers. The people who have the Feed chip (for the most part) are chill and without care. Sucked into the mainstream life with mainstream ideas and thoughts. They are totally chill and without problem. *Kinda Inappropriate Feed Relating To My Life When the Feed gets shut off in the beginning of the novel, its like the point that people are saying: "If the internet was down for more than a week, people would begin joining suicide pacts," which I personally would join (don't get worried Baker, I'm not implying anything). The protagonists were in the hospital, way too melodramatic for a simple system shutting down for a bit. Feed Relating To Movie A movie called Prometheus talks about these life forms that take over a host to survive. Kinda like technology in Feed, the trends and so called "new stuff" survives off of people using and talking about the new things. The aliens in Prometheus would find a host and then take it over to continue living like the trends set in the Feed chip. What would I do? When they were at the party in the beginning of the novel, I would have slapped Violet in the face to calm her down. If that didn't work, I would have probably gotten help for Violet. I also could have had a stern talk with her to calm her down. What I Enjoyed I loved how every character had a different personality that aided in the development of the plot. Every character acted differently which created different situations within Feed. The governments Feed chip, pollution and conspiracy all tie up together with the different characters. Feed Impressions Feed was great and I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked how it lured you in with interesting information about the world around you, than it popped all the many conflicts onto your lap and continued to Feed you information (see what I did there). Final Thoughts It wuz goods :) DONE!
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