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Mass Media and the link to early childhood sexuality

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Lizzy Alvarado

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Mass Media and the link to early childhood sexuality

We researched popular shows from the past 50 years to figure out how they have changed over time and compare that with the widespread case of early sexuality in children.
Early Teen Pregnancy
With early exposure to sexuality and TV shows that romanticize teen moms, teen pregnancy is a growing problem in this over populated world.
The link between Mass media and early childhood sexuality
Humans have made many advances in the 21st century. With technology thriving, almost everyone in the United States is able to connect with media. At an early age children are introduced sexualized material in movies and television. Not just the TV, but the internet provides access to sexual material that a curious child might find accidentally or intentionally. There are widespread issues of early sex and pregnancy in adolescents that are overexposed to sexual content. Pregnancy in young girls can be very dangerous. Early exposure to sexual websites hurt the development of a child.
Through our research we have discovered that modern children are raised with easy access to sexually driven material. This can cause many negative effects such as addiction, pregnancy, and even trouble with the authorities. These images and videos children are being exposed to can effect their sexual development and the rest of their lives.
The Brady Bunch
Brady Bunch Shows the controversy of the parents in the bed.
Married with Children
Even in Married with Children we still see censorship
17:17-17:21 (ns)
Married with Children pt.2
As time goes on we see the censorship get less strict. It was no longer taboo to see couples in bed
The Fresh Prince
Ashley grows up
This is an example of what today's showing. Teachers and students are depicted in a high school setting dancing dirty
The internet is providing an endless amount of sexual material for children to stumble upon accidentally or intentionally.
13 year old boy now a registered sex offender
Tyra Banks show
This shows the amount of young girls getting/wanting to be pregnant so young.
Dr. Phill
This shows the limits young girls will push to get pregnant.
Teens and Birth control
This shows young girls getting on birth control and reactions from parents and teens.
Lets discuss
What do you think are some ways to prevent this widespread overexposure to sexual material ?
Thank you for your time!
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