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A Christmas Carol

No description

Sandra T

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
Plot Tracker
Stave One: Setting the Scene and Characterization of Scrooge
Stave Five: the New Scrooge
After his experience with the three spirits, Scrooge is a changed man. He used to be__________ and _________, but now he is__________ and _________. When he ______, he shows that he is now_____. We can see that he is ________________ when he _________. The fact that he ________________ shows us that he has become______________________.
Stave Three: Christmas Present
The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge what is happening on that very Christmas day.
(now write a few sentences that tell about the four scenes--use transition words)
From the ghost, Scrooge learns... Scrooge is affected by these scenes because... After viewing these scenes, Scrooge realizes...
Stave Four: Christmas Yet-to-Come
The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come shows Scrooge a future Christmas. Scrooge finds out that.... After seeing this, Scrooge realizes...
Stave Two: Christmas Past
Scrooge's Backstory
The experience with the Ghost of Christmas Past shows us Scrooge's backstory. We find out why he _____________ and why he __________________.
Scrooge can be described as ______, ___________, and ____________. We can see that Scrooge is ___________ when....
It is apparent that Scrooge is _______ when... The author shows us that Scrooge is ___________ when...
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