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No description

nam yamprai

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of tecnology]

Technology of the future By Nam Holographic TV on your wrist A holographic reminder will pop up from your wristband displaying the necessary information to get your attention.
It also lets you watch you favorite shows or movies anywhere and anytime .In order to create this quickly-refreshing holograph, the team uses 16 regular cameras to focus on a single object. cars of the future The real magic of the Audi RSQ is sphere wheels instead of regular ones. Imagine being able to move front, back, left and right without having to turn the wheel. Steering wheel itself is another eye-catching device in this sports car - it looks more like a wheel from a spacecraft than a sports car. It is U shaped and folds out nicely from the instrument panel once the driver is in his seat. You could also turn on an auto pilot and the steering wheel will fold back to it's place so you could relax and enjoy your ride looking around through a really big panoramic windscreen. trains of the future Robots Robots of the future have many abillities that can help humans at cleaning their homes or cooking food. Robots can all speak to humans and start a normal conversations just like person would. Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering will develop soft-bodied robots that will be continuously deformable and capable of collapsing and crumpling into small volumes. They will have capabilities that are not currently available in conventional robots Future homes planes of the future The D8 “double bubble” concept from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology team marks a radical change in aircraft design. Although the D8 would travel slightly slower than a 737, the MIT team say that the jet could make up time due to its wider size, enabling faster loading and unloading. The design certainly gives a new meaning to ‘speedy boarding.’ The idea of MAGLEV transportation has been around since the early 1900s. The benefit of eliminating the wheel/rail friction to obtain higher speeds and lower maintenance costs has great appeal. The basic idea of a MAGLEV train is to levitate it with magnetic fields so there is no physical contact between the train and the rails (guideways). LONDON, Sept. 6, 2002—In the future, people could live in "smart homes" that will tell them when to wake up or remind them to lock the back door, a British scientist predicted Wednesday. The "Caring Home" (particularly useful to the elderly or infirm) would be equipped with electronic sensors connected to a computer that will remind people to take their medicine or turn off the oven. Thanks for watching!
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