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The Rhetoric of Television Advertisements in the Fast Food Industry

Annika Halstrom

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of FOOD FOR THOUGHT

The Rhetoric of Television
Advertisements in the
Fast Food Industry McDonald's 2013
Commercial Burger King Commercial
2013 Taco Bell Commercial
2013 Wendy's Commercial
2013 FOOD
THOUGHT Tori Burton, Annika Halstrom, Jess Steitz, Elyse Toltzis Rhetoric in McDonald's
Advertisements Setting: Wilderness
promotes freshness of the Fishy McBites

Advertising Strategies Testimonial: Rhetoric In Burger King Advertisements Using an individual who has tried a product and been satisfied with it to favorably endorse the product Weasel Words: Setting: Burger King,
Music: Mystical/ dreamy music played when David Beckham and smoothie is shown, gestures promote attractiveness towards food
Celebrity endorsements/ Testimonials: Since David When an advertiser uses words to imply meaning or facts without making a guarantee Wit and Humor: When the consumer is
attracted to a product
because it makes
them laugh Transfer: When a consumer is persuaded to buy a product because it associated with something attractive or respectable Target or Intended Audience: Audience in which the advertiser is trying to persuade Slogan: Catchword or motto used by an advertiser Jingle A light, rhythmical verse or short song used by advertisers Card Stacking When an advertiser stresses the positive qualities of the product and does not state the negative qualities Bandwagon When a consumer is attracted to a product due to its popularity Jingle: Fishy-Fishy
Stays in audience's head
Actors: 1 Boy 2 Girls
Girls are skeptical at first while the man eats the Fishy McBites, and then the girls try them and are amazed
Tries to show the audience that they will like it if they try the product too Rhetoric in McDonald's Advertisements No Celebrity testimonial
Appeals to ordinary citizens by using ordinary citizens as their actors and actresses
Commercial shows how people are trying the product and liking the product, which inclines the audience to do the same Wit and Humor
"Fishy-Fishy" jingle lightens the mood of the commercial and creates a sense of humor McDonald's vs Burger King
Advertisements What's Effective and What's Not
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