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Momentum & Impulse with Gymnastics

Physics Project

Diana I

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Momentum & Impulse with Gymnastics

Conservation of Momentum in Safety Uneven Bars -----> Technique meets Conservation of Momentum Applying Momentum and Impulse to... Gymnastics Technique with Impulse Beam Jump Safety and Impulse Vault Landing By Diana Iftimie
Period 5 Vault Jump When a gymnast jumps and makes a temporary handstand on the vault, they apply a force to the vault. Because the vault is quite hard, it in turn applies a strong reaction force on the gymnast that allows them to then push off the vault with the same momentum. This demonstrates conservation of momentum in that the momentum first exerted on the vault is never lost, but rather reused to help the gymnast continue their event. When doing beam, gymnasts have to attempt a number of difficult tricks that if not done right, may cause damage. One example is when flipping over while jumping on the beam. The gymnast has a lot of momentum going with them when they do this and because the beam cannot always absorb as much of the force of the landing as a mat may, the gymnast has to bend their knees when landing. This not only helps to maintain balance but it also helps to increase the time element in the system. The momentum will remain the same because the mass and velocity of the gymnast is the same but by increasing the time, the force itself decreases in magnitude. www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZvoufQy8qc http://binaryapi.ap.org/dbe14740f9274614ac973742cc3b7034/460x.jpg When a gymnast lands after jumping off a vault, they have a lot of momentum going with them and it takes a very short amount of time for them to go from their velocity to zero. Such a force can cause damage if they land on a hard surface because it will shorten this time. This is why mats are used for landings. Mats increase the time it takes for the full force to be exerted and in this way, cushion the gymnast, making landing much safer. http://newyorksportnews.com/wp-content/plugins/rss-poster/cache/c4414_vault2n-4-web.jpg Uneven bars are covered in a soft material and chalk for a purpose. This is specifically so that when a gymnast does a flip while on the bars and needs to grab hold of them when returning, the force of their impact with the bars is diminished somewhat because their momentum is transferred from them to the bars. This materials makes it so that a strong reaction force is not exhibited back on the gymnast like in the case of a vault. The soft material allows them to stay on the bars and any reaction force that may have been exerted on the gymnast to be kept within the
bars. This allows the gymnast to stay
on the bars and continue their
exercise, rather than falling off and
potentially getting hurt. http://johngeddert.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Uneven-Bars.jpg
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