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Three Elements, One Toon.

Multimedia Project: Ender's Game Toon Activtiy

Tiffany Demesi

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Three Elements, One Toon.

Toon Town Symbolizing Toons
Since 2012
By: Sherryn Kottoor, Tiffany Demesi, Drew Shillinglaw Unicorn Unicorn Cont. Phoenix Dragon Dragon Cont. Phoenix Cont. Salamander In China, the unicorn is a symbol of wisdom and moderation whose birth foreshadows the arrival of a great leader. In Japan, it's known for its ability to know right from wrong and often called upon to determine the guilt or innocence of accused persons. Ender was reborn as a new person when he joined Phoenix Army. The Dragon is excitable, with a complex life. Stubborn on the outside- soft hearted on the inside. A born leader. Dragons are typically used in legends as a challenge, that usually cannot be defeated. We all know that Ender definitely has a complex life. Ender has to act tough, so he is not bullied, but he is really a nice kid. The Salamander symbolizes enduring faith and courage that can't be destroyed no matter what. The Unicorn in Ender's Game represents Ender judging himself for all the things that he has done. It also shows that Ender is going to be a great leader some day, which does happen. Phoenix represents a new beginning, that no matter how bad things may get, you will get back on your feet. Most people think of it as being reborn. Bonzo's faith and courage can't be destroyed no matter what. Even when it cost him a win in one of the games. Salamander Cont. Mirrors in real life show yourself. However, they can symbolize how your actions are protrayed. Mirrors can also show how your actions are seen by others. Mirror Ender looked in the mirror and saw Peter. This means that his actions are reflective of Peter's. Mirror Cont. The snake and serpents symbolizes wisdom and intensity, but can also be vain. They are passionate and determined. Snakes/Serpents The snake showed Ender's intense and vain side. Snake/Serpents Cont. As you can see, Ender's Game had many different hidden symbolism. http://www.unicornleanmanufacturingchangemanagementservices.com/about-unicorns.htm
page 152

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_a_Phoenix_symbolize Sources:
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