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The breadwinner

No description

Mahnoor Cheema

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of The breadwinner

By: Iman Cheema
The Breadwinner
From there we will meet...

who was arrested by the

Taliban soldiers.

This created many many
Say hello to Nooria!
She is Parvana's big sister.
Parvana says that she is bossy but can be
Nooria is very protective. In the book
Nooria was concerned about parvana's health
because she drank unboiled water
Then there is mother
Who is Parvana's
Fatana is a kind and
caring mom
yourself to
Mrs. Weera
she was
a p.e (physical education)coach.
Mrs. Weera
is a wise and understanding
person.when father got arrested
family out. This was because P
family was having trouble.
The problem in this book was when father got
arrested in his living room for teaching at another place.
This created many challenges for Parvana's
family. Since girls weren't aloud to go outside,
Parvana's family had to figure out a way to go outside to
buy food for their family to survive.
The theme in this book was to
never give up and follow your dreams no matter how many obstacles stand in your way.
The author of this book
Deborah Ellis
really made Parvana a strong character who faced the many challenges that stood in her way.
she showed empathy, responsibility,perseverance and many more.
Now that you have experienced Parvana's adventures what would you rate this book?
Thank You
Do you guys think that this book
should become a movie?
Here watch my trailer.
Next we will meet, the main character:
Nothing can bring her down
Since her father has been arrested she had to take some huge responsibilities.
But the hardest one was taking charge of pretending she was a boy for her family to survive.

Parvana treats others kindly.
In this book, Nooria, Parvana's older sister, was leaving to another city. Putting other's before herself. Parvana gave Nooria a pen as a gift, even though she did not have much money.
Let's take a trip
to Afghanistan!...
In order for parvana's family
to survive Parvana's family
had to turn Parvana into a boy
Another solution was
father came back from
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