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Swathi Manivannan

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of IBM

Nicknamed "Big Blue"
Infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services
Mainframe computers to nanotechnology
Most innovative business
Liquidity Analysis
Activity Analysis
Debt Analysis
Profitability Analysis
DuPont Analysis
Income Statement
Balance Sheet - Assets
Balance Sheet -LE
Hewlett- Packard Company, also known as HP was founded by two friends who studied engineering at Stanford University.In 1939, Bill and Dave decided to formalize their company and established its name by flipping a coin.The founders were not just innovators with technology but they were also innovators with management such as health insurance, bonuses and company shares for employees.
Horizontal Analysis
Income Statement
Balance Sheet - Assets
Balance Sheets - LE
Liquidity Analysis
Activity Analysis
Debt Analysis
Profitability Analysis
DuPont Analysis
Ratio Analysis

1938: First HP product was made and was used to test sound equipment. Walt Disney purchased 8.
1939: HP's name was formalized.
1942: Establishment of health insurance for employees.
1966: First computer made by HP
1970s Calculators and touch screen computers made.
1980s: HP laptop was invented.
1990s-Now: Continuation of laptops, servers, and ink replacement services.
Overall, both companies are doing okay,but IBM is succeeding over their competitor, HP.
IBM annually
invest 6 billion
dollars for Rand D
focusing on high growth
and opportunities.
IBM's 6,809 patents awarded in 2013 represents a diverse range of inventions poised to enable significant innovation.

Cut down on cost, eg. transportation and packaging.
HP has joined the Cloud movement by developing strong products which can potentially revive HP.
IBM has a $125 higher share than HP, but both companies have experienced a decrease in their shares.
Founded in 1911
1969 -First Moon Landing
1971 - Floppy Disk
1975 -1992:Information Revolution,Rise of Software and PC Industries
1993-Present :IBM's Near Disaster and Rebirth
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