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Pro & Con Presentation

We are talking about the pros and cons of abortion

Peter Laher

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Pro & Con Presentation

What is abortion? Definition:
pregnancy termination

accidentally as in a miscarriage

or by choice. This is abortion: baby aborted at 22 weeks
Most unplanned pregnancies extended to childbirth
prove to be wanted later Abortion causes
serious psychological impairment
-> depression and guilt some facts: Abortions worldwide per year:
e40-50 million, 125.000 per day

Abortions in Austria 1960 - 2008: 610.609

Abortions total 1920 - 2008: e961.000.000 ...and the most important question is:

Can we choose to kill (unwanted) life? Abortion has so many negative effects:

We should all rethink our practices
and make an end to induced abortion!
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