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Energy Conservation

No description

Laura Fleming

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Energy Conservation

By Laura Fleming, Lauren Adler, and Sameer Bhoola
To promote energy conservation, we created three advertisements, all similar in terms of design and the method used to deliver the message: scare tactics. We all had black and white photos, and we all used red for the color of our font to keep it simple
and powerful at the same time.
Lauren Adler

For this ad, I used primarily black and white, along with red for the word "YOU." This fits the overall design of all three ads. "YOU" is in all capital letters, and stands out further with its red color, which emphasizes the statement that the viewer should conserve energy. The power symbol fades, appears again, then fades once more to make it look as if it were flickering. The question that appears on the left is meant to scare the viewer and come to the realization that energy conservation is important. The next message that appears, "Turn off the power," gives the viewer a simple solution.
Laura Fleming
Ad Campaign
Medium Rectangle
In my ad, I tried to raise awareness for water
conservation by using scare tactics. I made the money go down the drain to show that keeping the sink on when unneeded is just wasting money, and by turning off the sink, lots of money would be saved. Our group used black and white for the photo, and red for the color of our font to keep it simple, but powerful at the same time so we get our message across to our viewers. I used position to make the money go down the drain, and
to make the "shut off the sink" slide into the animation.
I used opacity to make the words fade in and out.

In my animation, I also used scare tactics to promote conserving electricity. The first set of text has a red "YOU," which makes the viewer feel guilty and therefore want to conserve electricity. The background is all black and white, and that makes the red stand out more. I used mainly opacity and transformation animations. I tried to make it look like the light and the text were flickering to create a darker mood to the animation. The font also adds to the dark mood.
Thanks for watching!
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