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Federation in Australia 1901

This Prezi will generally display Federation in Australia, 1901

1D Rocks!

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Federation in Australia 1901

How has the event Federation shaped Australia?
The Path to Federation
Australia has been working on the Path to Federation and now were finally here! During the 1890s each colony sent representatives known as delegates to vote on Federation and where the they would hold the centre of Parliament. During this significant moment Australia formed and became united. They also became known as the Commonwealth of Australia. Western Australia was not part of this path to Federation agreement though they agreed before January 1, 1901.
During the path to Federation the British allowed 6 colonies of Australia to be a segregated portion of the Commonwealth of Australia. In 1901 the 2 territories of Australia, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory(ACT) did not exist. Even though they are a part of Australia's Commonwealth they do not have the same legal status. During the time of Federation the constitution actually established a capital in New South Wales but had to be a certain distance from Sydney.
A picture of the Colonies

Federation was a long and hard process with all the conventions and constitution. There were many opinions from all representatives and it took a while to form one agreement to create the Commonwealth of Australia. The independence of Australia was declared on January 1st, 1901 and the first Prime Minister was Sir Edmund Barton.
First steps in Federation
In Australia each state was granted a parliament, governor, laws and regulation. In the early years of federation the constitution also continued to guide the early Parliament of Australia. This was the unofficial federation flag for the first couple of years in Australia's federation history.
Federation years
That picture above was before the territories were born
This picture is a simple example
of the constitutions to create our
Commonwealth.(same goes for below)
This Youtube video will give standard info on Federation in Australia.
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