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Andrew Maar

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How to Pass the SAT Writing Multiple Choice Read directions carefully
Review explanations for each correct answer
Don’t guess unless you can narrow it down to two choices Use your knowledge to support your reasoning
What you have learned in school
What you’ve read
Current events
Your observations
And your own experiences THE ESSAY Approaches to the essay Read the prompt carefully
Stay on topic
It’s important to plan
Vary sentence structure and length
Use good vocabulary
Leave time to review Identifying Sentence Errors When taking the SAT Consider each answer separately

Develop the habit of looking for common mistakes

Look for errors and idioms Remember some sentences have no errors
Correct errors even if you only have to identify them
Mark questions that you skipped Improving Paragraphs Understand questions before you answer them
Read slowly to understand questions
Read all answers to determine the best one
Make sure the answer is logical This slideshow has been approved by Kevin Krieger. How to pass the ACT Writing Most colleges require it Taking the writing portion will not affect your multiple choice test score This test is optional Strategy Plan and prewrite
Pace yourself
Write with confidence
Use specific examples to illustrate what your saying
Review your essay SAT essay tips Develop a point of view
Support the point of view
Follow the conventions of english ACT essay tips Right only on the given topic
Write as neatly as possible
Write about five paragraphs
Write persuasively to convince the rater
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