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assignment 12

No description

Kevin Riley

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of assignment 12

Beowolf: was the killing of grendel justified or not?
The killing of Grendel was justified because Grendel was a nasty monster.Grendel also ate the King's soldiers while they were sleeping. And after they stop partying Gawain: would you consider the actions of gawain to be inappropriate or justified?
Monsters in our Midst, Assessment 12) Yes, I would consider the actions of Gawain to be inappropriate because he was messing around with the green knight's wife. Barbara allen: would you consider allen's treatment of jeremy grove to be cruel or no?
Your world today: are there any circumstances in today's world where you feel monstrous behavior would be appropriate or justified?
Yes there are circumstances in todays world that I feel monsterous behavior and it is not justified because there are peopl killing others,and then killing themsleves. There are poeple lying,stealing,cursing,raping and kidnapping. The are also adultries going on,and etc. God is tired pf all this sinfulthings. Yes I would consider Allen's treatment of Jeremy grove to be cruel because she left him there and never should him love. Also his face was red and he was waiting for her ; she never came. She was on her deathbed and she begged to be buried by jeremy.
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