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Navigating Through Library Resources

No description

Bethany McGowan

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Navigating Through Library Resources

Navigating Through Library Resources
Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library
Get Started!
Finding Books
Need a quick tutorial on how to search in a database? Watch this video.
How To Build A Search
Journal Articles and Full Text
Don't forget to keep track of your references. Make it easy with RefWorks!
Reference Pages and Citation Management
Government and Statistical Resources
The right study tools can make a huge difference!
Exam Prep
Contact your librarian for an individual consultation!
Still Have Questions?
Learn to:
Find Books and E-Books
Find Journal Articles
Prep for Standard Exams
Use Refworks
Work From Off-Campus
Borrow From Other Libraries

Use the WRLC catalog to search for books. If we don't have what you need, we can get it from another DC area library.
Books from other universities take between 2-3 business days to arrive
Alternatively, use your Howard ID to visit other campus libraries and check out resources.
Link to the WRLC catalog here:
Librarians are available if you need help finding things; M-Th, 9 am-8pm Fr-Sat, 9 am-5 pm. Call 202-884-1522 or visit us at library!
You'll typically fit into one of two categories when trying to find articles, 1.) you're looking for a specific article or 2.) you're looking for articles on a specific topic. Either way, we have what you need.
1st step
Full Text
2nd step
The solution
Circumstance 1
You have the citation, title, or abstract for a journal article and need the full-text.
PubMed Single Citation Matcher: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/citmatch
E-Journal Title List + Database Index:
Use the E-Journal Title List to find the journal you need, then use the Database Index to access.
E-Journal List: http://hsl.howard.edu/loader.php?type=d&id=1271285
Database Index: http://hsl.howard.edu/aecontent.php?pid=640666
Circumstance 2
You need articles related to a specific topic or topics; you're open to any relevant articles.
Choose a database.
Science Direct:
A great starting point for basic research.

More comprehensive searching of clinical and biomedical topics.

*Campus Use Only*; Good for analyzing and overviewing specific medical issues.

The most comprehensive database for Nursing and Allied Health Sciences literature

Access these databases, and others, at htpp://www.hsl.howard.edu
Build your search.
Use the PICO method to build a search. Define the intended
P- Patient or Population
I- Intervention
C- Comparison or Control
O- Outcome(s)
This should give you an idea of the terms you should use to begin your search.
Sometimes you find the perfect journal citation, but aren't able to access the article's full text. This typically happens because HU doesn't subscribe to the journal that publishes that article.

Thankfully, we're a part of the Washington Research Library Consortium! We can borrow what you need from another DC area university library.
Search the catalog and request what you need:
Online practice prep for the USMLE, Medical Certifications, Medical Subject Review, Physician Assistant (including PANCE/PANRE), Pharmacy (including NAPLEX), NBDE Part I, and Family Nurse Practitioner.

Like the old school test prep books better? Visit the Reserves section of the library to see what we have.
Bethany S. McGowan, MLIS
Allied Health Sciences Librarian
Create a RefWorks account here:

Learn to use RefWorks:
Health People 2020: http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/
National Center for Health Statistics: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/
Statistical Abstract: http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nhanes.htm/
Research Off-Campus
We're with you, wherever you go (with internet access, of course)!
You can access almost every library resource from off-campus, and the steps are simple. Watch this video to see how.
Off-Campus Access Tutorial: http://hsl.howard.edu/aecontent.php?pid=640581
Finding E-Books
The E-Book Title List will tell you what books we own and through which publisher. Then, use the E-book Publisher link to access your desired resource.

* E-book Title List: http://hsl.howard.edu/loader.php?type=d&id=1262607

* E-Book Publisher Links: http://hsl.howard.edu/aecontent.php?pid=640674
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