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Marijuana for Morgan

No description

Maria Pagano

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Marijuana for Morgan

mARIA pAGANO Marijuana: A
Stimulant ZACH sCHRADER pHILLIP mOLTON Street Names Pot Weed Grass Ganja SKunk Bhang Reefer Herb Dro boom blubbers Muggles Penalties for Possesion
(max. punishment) 20 g or less:
misdemeanor, 1 year, $1,000 More than 20 g:
Felony, 5 years, $5,000 25 or more plants:
Felony, 15 years, $10,000 Sale or Cultivation (penalties):
Delivery of 20 g or less:
Misdemeanor, 1 year, $1,000 25 lbs or less:
Felony, 5 years, $5,000 25 to 2,000 lbs:
Felony, MMS*-3 years, $25,000 MMS*
Minumun, Mandatory, Sentence Affects: Dry mouth & throat Increased <3 rate Paraphemalia possession:
misdemeanor, 1 year, $1,000 ANy conviction causes
driver's license suspension for 6-24 months Euphoria Temporary short-term
memory loss Distorted perception Daily coughing and phelgm Increase risk of lung
infections Diseases: emphysema pneumonia development of potentially pre-cancerous
abnormalities in the bronchial lining and lungs bipolar (manic-depressive) psychosis schizophrenia Rehab: Joints are Cannabis wraped in paper A bubbler is a cross between a Bong and a Pipe Commen pipes used to smoke cannabis A bong is a water pipe used for smoking Cannabis A blunt is Cannabis wraped in a tobacco wrap A hooka is another water pipe used for smoking Cannabis Ways of consumption: THC is fat soluable witch means it can be put into baked goods Interesting Facts about Cannabis: The declaration of independence is written on hemp (Cannabis) paper You would have to smoke about 30,000 joints in a row, in order to overdose on THC. According to a 2006 United Kingdom government report, using cannabis is much less dangerous than tobacco, prescription drugs, and alcohol in social harms, physical harm, and addiction.
1619: Jamestown Colony, Virginia, enacts the New World's first marijuana legislation, ordering all farmers to grow Indian hemp seed. Mandatory hemp cultivation laws were passed in Massachusetts in 1631 and in Connecticut in 1632 "Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica." -Abraham Lincoln Queen Victoria used Cannabis to relieve pain during her menstrual cramps Treatment programs directed at marijuana abuse are rare,
partly because many who use marijuana do so
in combination with other drugs, such as cocaine and alcohol. No medicine developed yet but
scientists are working to make one
that could possibly block the THC given off
by marijuana Some known tactics are trying to
quit 'cold turkey'. Or lower the amount
of intake daily. Even though marijuana
is not the most addictive drug, it can
still be hard for users to quit. Body Systems &
Side affects: Perception distortions, rapid heart rate with low blood pressure,
hallucinations, suppressed immune functions, and lung and throat problems short term and long term. Side effects of marijuana can be instantaneous, like the distortion of perception,
or they can develop over time.
Students who smoke pot often develop concentration and learning problems. dry mouth, short-term memory loss, decreased reaction time, sleepiness and paranoia.
red or bloodshot eyes, tremors, nausea, increased appetite, increased heart rate and decreased sexual and reproductive functions.
Cannabis History Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7417904870843277177#docid=-9077214414651731007 You can visit drug-rehab.com and it
gives you advice on how to quit and what
centers are available
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