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Should fast food restaurants be blamed for obesity? When is it individual responsibility?


Mykia Robbins

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Should fast food restaurants be blamed for obesity? When is it individual responsibility?

Should fast food restaurants be blamed for obesity?
When is it individual responsibility and when is it appropriate to place blame? By: Mykia Robbins Many industries have appealing advertisements that aid to the senses and attract many consumers all with a financial benefit in mind. Claim: No, fast food restaurants should not be blamed for obesity. Acknowledging the fact that fast food companies bargain and lower their prices over grocery stores may help to feed into the fact that they are adding to the thought of creating a more obese society. However... At most of five dollars No one is single handily feeding society with a silver spoon. Average calories consumed in local food chains The average meal at a fast food chain that an individual could purchase for the most of five dollars would consist of: With this in mind fast food restaurants make it easy for consumers to conveniently buy an already prepared meal, however this is where individual responsibility plays a part The average consumer will buy a prepared meal verses taking time to prepare a fresh meal themselves The negligence of convenience over health seems to be the greatest epidemic that affects consumers today. Many statistics show that causes of obesity widely range from ethnicity, gender, age and even income, although this may be true the most common cause of obesity are placed upon fast food industries. The individual part comes in with caring for health verses just snacking on convenient product Factors that contribute to obesity and high calorie intake: - increased snacking
- larger portion sizes
- higher calorie density
- advertisement Many grocery stores contribute in many ways aiming toward healthy food Grocery stores offer a wide variety of selection amongst the vegetables and fruits in the food pyramid Obesity will always affect society the intelligence on ways to control it comes from research and understanding that convenience is not always better Social Reforms and Super store comparison to other industries
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