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Social Media and the Job Search: Spring 2014

How to use your social media sites and skills to help you land a career.

Laura Guarino

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Social Media and the Job Search: Spring 2014

How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage
Account Settings
Privacy Settings
Focusing your Social Media
Crafting the right message
Why not make your social media sites work FOR you?
Social networking sites monetize their sites by using data about YOU. That's why every new account setting is automatically set to default "on".
FYI, once something is online, it is accessible no matter what the privacy setting is. So consider deleting things that you wouldn't want an employer to see.
In the job search, it's all about making sure your "digital identity" matches the identity that you would professionally portray.
If an employer is looking for you, why not show them your best side?

You have begun your professional resume,
why not begin your professional "digital identity?"

Think of your social media as a "digital suit" that you wear 24 hours a day.
Are you in style or hopelessly out of fashion?
Linked-in extra:
It is NOT Facebook, and should be treated separately.
Use Linked-in for people you actually know and trust,
you may be reaching out to them in the future.
It's a professional network that is social, not vice versa.
Linked in also has entry level job postings at www.linkedin.com/studentjobs
Twitter Extra
Don't think of Twitter as a database to update every thought you have. Would you be interested in what I had for breakfast or what my dog is doing?
Probably not.
Instead, think of Twitter as an opportunity to interact with your network about the significant happenings in your life, and interact with companies/organizations one on one.
So, positive Tweets travel fast, but negative ones travel faster.
Which do you want making an impression on your behalf?
Think of your Social Media as an opportunity to build your "online brand" instead of just an opportunity to connect with friends.
Manage your online reputation with Reppler.com
Discover your online influence with Klout.com
Have you Googled yourself recently? What did you find? Was it a good advertisement for an employer to see?
Create an Ad

O'Brien Center for Student Success
Search job listings for employers seeking YOU,
Check Advantage often; new jobs are posted daily.
“A brand is not what you think it is, it is what they think it is”
A first impression is no longer a handshake at the start of an interview. It's a Google search, it's a search on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Is this the image you want your employer to see first?

Additional Tips:

Fill out entire profile - key words are extremely important
Get recommendations
The more people connected to the better
Find Alumni - Join Merrimack College Alumni Group
The Ugly
True stories. Don't be these people...
This guy was an intern at a bank in Boston. He called out due to a "family emergency" and went to a costume party. Facebook gave him away, and his manager dismissed him and blind copied his photo to all staff. A very harsh consequence, indeed.
Has a sense of satisfaction helping others.
How Employers Interpret Posts that are Positive
A person who seems
to love doing detailed
work and has a passion for
technology...she even
included a photo of
her project!
Look, a writing
sample! Can't
wait to see if she
would be interested
in our public health outreach position!
How Employers Interpret Posts that are Negative
Wow, she does not appreciate this experience.
This woman is super negative about her job, and women, too!
Use full name, nickname and your name with schools, employers, etc.
)with your name, so you know right away if any new information is being shared about you.
Try any search engine you can think of.
Damage Control
Until last fall, employers in only 6 states were banned from asking you for your social media passwords.
Massachusetts passed Bill S.852: An Act relative to social media privacy protection.
As of Sept 10, 2013: It shall be unlawful for any employer or any public or private institution providing elementary, secondary, or higher education to:
• Require an employee or applicant to disclose username or password to a personal social media account.
• Take or threaten any adverse action against an employee or applicant for refusing to disclose
Remember, even if you delete content on your Facebook page or other social media
channel, it still resides on those servers

• PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY! Lock down all of your privacy settings, to a minimum of
“Friends of Friends” FULL Privacy to
friends and family only

Always Make Your Profiles
• Hide your profile from public search: Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?
Click NO
When this setting is on, it is easier for other search engines to link to your timeline in search results.

• Remove any inappropriate pictures, posts, complaints or negative comments,
or controversial page LIKES.

View your Timeline & Tagging Settings
"Review all posts and things your tagged in"

• Don't be afraid to un-friend people.
Lock it Down!
Portray a Positive Image
Sweep the digital dirt under the rug –by making POSITIVE and KNOWLEDGEABLE comments on blogs, twitter feeds, and such

Create positive buzz about yourself and your capabilities in your existing social media profiles

Consider some new professional profiles that are clean and showcase your talents and work ethic
The Basketball Coaches Organization called it “flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior” and took his title away.

He wasn’t allowed to represent his school at the Senior Games on Sunday, and the same goes for the Twin State Games this summer.

Members of the coaches organization said said the player of the year award is about more than just the player’s ability. It’s also about character and sportsmanship.
Remove any incriminating evidence.
Remove yourself from tags.
Ask people to delete negative comments and tags that you cannot delete.
It is still important to clean up your social media profiles. Be Proactive! Clean up your profiles BEFORE you begin applying for positions.
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