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Our Journey Had Advanced

No description

james javelosa

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Our Journey Had Advanced

Our Journey Had Advanced
Our journey had advanced;
Our feet were almost come
To that odd fork in Being’s road,
Eternity by term.

Our pace took sudden awe, 5
Our feet reluctant led.
Before were cities, but between,
The forest of the dead.

Retreat was out of hope,—
Behind, a sealed route, 10
Eternity’s white flag before,
And God at every gate
Teach a Poem
Meaning Behind the Meter:
Iambic tetrameter is only used in the third line of every stanza. This adds stress instead of going with the flow of the rest of the poem. The rest of the poem is in iambic trimeter. This pace seems as if it is starting and stopping. This makes sense because it adds to the journey being described in this poem. They advance in their journey then stop and then they continue very slowly.
Symbolism and Allegory
The underlying meaning of the entire poem is the journey of dieing.
"Forest" = underworld/ purgatory/ cemetery
Tone/ Diction
The overall tone is fear and amazement
"white flag"
"forest of the dead"
The speaker, with some companions, are traveling along a road
It comes to a fork, where they see cities and a "forest"
They couldn't turn back
God was at every gate into the cities
Breaking It Down:
Iambic Trimeter & Tetrameter
By: Emily Dickinson
Reinforces the journey after death
"feet reluctant led"
"out of hope"
"sudden awe"
Denotes - Symbol/ emblem of a country, institution, or cause
Connotes - Symbol of surrender in war
Adds to the poem by showing a sign of defeat.
Juxtaposes an object of living with the dead
Mirrors the juxtaposition of the Heaven and Hell
Erin, Sarah, James, Lyle

Many religious revivals took place in the 19th century.
"odd fork in Being's road"
"forest of the dead"

travelers will go to either Heaven or Hell
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